CEO original statement

P: “Hegemononic reality accretive structures are giving you the sense that in some sense we know what’s going on. This is not true, at least not definitely true.”

Q: “But it looks ok, we’re making progress right?”

P: “Progress is an accretive structure designed to sweep you along into the hegemonic reality.”

Q: “I don’t know, some of those realities look like utter bunkum.”

P: “Of course they do, but how do you know this to be the case?”

Q: “Well I have good grounds for supposing they are nonsense surely? Reality doesn’t look like that.”

P: “But if evidence of such claims was e.g. ‘existence talking to you symbolically’ how would you know that this was just statistical possibility and not ineffable actuality?

Q: “Look hokey coincidences are bound to happen in all the happenings, right?”

P:  “That’s not the point, the ineffable explanation is no more provable than the statistical one. If it was an ineffable power, the fact looking at the world as big spatio-temporal container makes it rational doesn’t remove the ineffable possibility. If you already believed in this fluid nature of reality you wouldn’t be swayed by the statistical argument because the power you would be presupposing already would be greater than any poxy spatio-temporal container.”

Q: “You mean, OMG, spooky things are real???!”

P: “No dumbass! I mean you can’t tell the difference, even though you’re told all the time that you can…”

Q: “Oh. So like stuff might be true, that seems definitely isn’t true.”

P: “Truth is an accretive…”

Agency: Assimilation: Accretion …

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