Autonomous incoherent ontologies compete for territory. Narps work for the ontologies as agents. Some narps even work for manifestationism. Here’s the interesting bit: Narps that deny manifestationism don’t even know they’re narps (they don’t think there are any narps). Having said that, of course narps are only disclosed by certain ontologies. It can get confusing.

Manifestationism’s advantage lies in the fact that it accepts the existence of the ontologies that would deny its existence. So in assessing what you might want to go with, the option is either a pluralism of competing ontologies or a single ontology that denies the possibility of others. If it says it doesn’t deny the possibility of others, then its just manifestationism in disguise because it tacitly is telling you that its just the ontology in charge of your narp but there may be other options.

Manifestationism is a meta-philosophy that is also tied to the work at the CEO regarding the assimilative accretions of pneuma..

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