Bi-directional Platonism

Bi-directional Platonism is the correlative thesis of pneuminosity that pneuminous forms (accretions) interact with putative solidity and putative solidity with pneuminous forms. Even heuristically this begins to sound problematic, however its incoherent cogency is actually sound. Narps are constantly accreting pneuma into various forms; developing new ones and adjusting existing ones. Upon the development of any accretion (concept) onto an umbratic suggestion, the pneuminous accretion can immediately escape its solid constraint and be purely pneuminous. Once the pneuminous form is liberated it manifests in that pure concept like manner which gives it its Platonic hue. This pneuminous form is not hence artificial but very real and quite external to any given narp -though they may plug into it. Furthermore the pneuminous accretive form may then exert an effect back upon the umbra, restaining its mode of pneuminous showing, narrowing it only to that which the pneuminous form determines.

Agnostic disjunction appears at exactly the split as to whether the pneuma is actually restraining the umbra in some ineffable literal manner or whether it simply restrains an impotent pneuminosity of a given narp -laying over an all powerful umbra.

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