Neurosis – Neurosis is used to disclose the impasse of the modern human subject; is the modern human subject subjectively auto-producing his/her own thoughts, or, are thought systems finding a home within – and being transmitted via – humans? Sometimes one can hold an assimilation within their mind (neurosis); the adult is thinking about when he got caned as a boy, the tennis player is still swinging an invisible racket even though he has finished playing tennis and is walking home. The neurotic accretion (another word for the neurotic human) is both a productive auto-generation of conceptual content and the sensitive awareness of the repetition, coming and going of ideas. Neurosis is mainly defined contra-distinctively to assimilation by Johns in the sense that one can be neurotic about something whilst engaging in an assimilation; one can talk to someone else whilst thinking something completely different. This disjunction (or double assimilation) is the defining trait of the neurotic thinker. It is a power that has never really been disclosed in traditional western philosophy. The neurotic accretions take the assimilations and intensifies them. The neurotic accretion can impart it’s neurosis back into tautologies (via language, expression, symbols etc)  and assimilation can occur again. This is how human civilization operates.

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