Tautology – The capacity of narp intelligence to conceptually imprint putative exteriority. The stronger the consummation of the network of concept/use the stronger the tautology. When I see a lamppost I see putative exteriority reflected back as precisely (and nothing other than) that which a civilization of intelligent beings have designated qua a network of concept and use i.e lamppost. I maintain the pejorative connotation of tautology as did the Greeks. My use of tautology is controversial because it concentrates more on the tautological structure of perception (X ‘is seen to be’ X) as opposed to logically reducing a proposition down to a fundamental identity (using the principle of non-contradiction). Hence, tautologies can change and are contingent in the Johnsian perspective. Tautology is the condition for the classification/taxonomy of the universe by narp. The sites, representations and social extrapolations that convey these constructed tautologies are characterised as what makes up the narrative of sense for the human. Johns usually see’s these tautologies as banal, however,Johns has stressed how we become brainwashed by the tautologies we form in the world and sometimes has equated them to sigils (semiotic systems of magical capture).

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