Manifestationism in Action

The territory is constantly being contested by the various agents (narps working for manifestation-accretions). The fascinating thing is not the correctness of a particular manifestation but the competing of the relevant accretions. Consider the relatively recent biocentrism and its sceptics and debunkers. The Lanza-Narp has clearly been taken over by certain repackaged new-age philosophy accretions and now acts using his other accretive powers (scientific legitimacy) to proliferate these. The counteracting agents are clearly keen to undercut his status by pointing out being a respected scientist doesn’t make you a respected physicist. The Lanza-Narp perceives something correctly (the manifestation of the epistemologically inescapable correlate), his mistake is to try to use the more solid-world agents’ accretions against them. The actual phantasy the Lanza-Narp seeks to articulate is this: you don’t know if perceived being is identical to unperceived being. This agnostic disjunction polarises the agents  to defend their territory against the gap which neither of them can close.

The ‘real’  science with its pneuminous legitimacy knows there is a problem here and at least doesn’t pretend it has closed the gap, though it does speculate. Agents of new-age/panpsychism/consciousness first accretions do have a practically unbreachable accretion because the phantasy of awareness altering the outside cannot be shown to be wrong. Furthermore it is hardly identical to any spurious invention of explanation (as the solid world agents like to say) i) because of its manifestation of cogency (it seems plausible awareness could have an effect on a putative ‘outside*’ and ii) because pneuminous interference incidents suggest something awry in the solid world accounts, thus supplying criteria for fluid world accretions and their agents. This of course does not amount to gap closing -but you can’t blame them for trying.

*This ‘outside’ is the disputed territory of the umbratic.



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