Pneuminous Interference.

Probably this is a correction to informational interference. If accretions are going to be formed there needs to be some effort here. Captain Clark’s ‘aye aye’ which still reeks of synchronicity’s odor needs supplanting with the correct term: pneuminous interference. A riddled web of heuristic manifestations, it employs the term pneuminous to designate that the pneuma has interfered. What has it interfered with? What even is it? The implication of interference is that the accretions (of pneuma) have tinkered with the system. The interference is something out of the ordinary. The ordinary constantly suggests the lurking umbratic powers. The interference by the pneuma shows that sometimes the umbratic can be bent out of shape by the pneuma. Is pneuma information? Yes. But it is information made substance. Pneuminous echoes noumena and numinous, yet of course is also related to the old word for spirit. Pneu is tyre in french which links with its acronym PI connected to the essence of the round. PI also suggests a private investigator, which guides us to agents, another theme herein.

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