Nick Land, blatantly decipherable as to illegitimately acquire territory. The Land-Narp’s (at least the 90’s Land-Narp’s) seductive poetics have brought many new fascinating accretion-assimilations into view. It is easy to be swept along with with the manifestation of retro-temporal creation of the god of capital. pneuminous interference explanation emanates amidst it all which is exciting and also escapes the stultifying Jungian clutches. The territory grab is of course hyperstitional in itself. Using criteria of PI and immanent accelerating technology coupled with some exceptional accretion formation (teleoplexy, hyperstition etc) the territorial grab was successful and has survived (indeed is still proliferating). It is fair to say of course it is just one more manifestation. Its acceptance though (by those CCRU agents) must be understood to be, whilst no worse than competing manifestations, no better either, indeed its epistemological shoring up is trickier than some we could mention.

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