Pneuminous and Umbratic Magick

A close examination of the manifestations reveals a possibility within magick not properly brought out by chaos magick. The dialectical movement in magickal discourse must surely re-encounter the older form in which various being could be said to definitely mean something, rather than just what we as willing Narp would like them to be. The agnostic disjunction of real meaning vs given meaning is unresolvable and only determined temporally by the dominance of a given set of agents. For some time now the agents of chaos magick have been in ascendence; now they have this heretical power they will never go away. What they have not extirpated though is the phantasy, the lurking worry, that some beings might have certain powers and others actually not.

Down this arm of that disjunction there exists the possibility that things  (magickally) could be improved by acting not according to your system as you defined it but by listening to an external set of rules. But what would such rules be and how could we determine them. We cannot with certainty is the answer, this predicament is what led to the rise of chaos magick (I can use anything). But the nagging possibility remains that, for example the moon phases have certain ‘real’ pneuminous influences which will resist an alternative interpretation being forced upon them (e.g. if I sought to expel influences in the waxing moon -to use the same example).

A magick of pure pneuma is chaos-magick, it presupposes an slightly maleable umbratic lurking underneath (at least heuristically) which will bend to the pneuma under certain conditions. The Narps as processors of the pneuma are said to be basically determining this high level of accretion (they bind the pneuma together) and manipulating the umbra via it. The other possibility though is what Narps previously used: umbratic magick. The magick of the umbra is not (as the name might suggest) evil, rather it is the magick which believes in the reality of the symbols and the harmonies. Certain flowers do have certain virtues which may be tapped into, spirits are not egregores of pneuminous matter but real beings living in planes inconceivable by ourselves, pneuminous interference is not a random gift without meaning but messages to listen to which Narps can fail to understand.

The situation is, as has been mentioned that of the agnostic disjunction, there is nothing to decide between them. What also exists as a possibility is that there here a bi-directional movement. We must consider, and it may be most profitable to do so, that yes we can ascribe anything to anything (pneuminous magick) and with results, but sometimes there are umbratic signals to listen to that it might be worth trusting in. This opens the problem as to how you can tell what is what, and as confessed ultimately you cannot. But the phantasy begs some kind of response, lest it fester in the roots of the flowering pure pneuminous systems.

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