Stellen of Revealing

There seems to be a linkage between the ‘Stele of Revealing’ as connected to the Crowley-Narp’s book of the law (as identified by the Rose-Narp -we should keep an eye on the name Rose, it is strongly suggestive of other pneuminous lines) and the german verb ‘stellen’ meaning to put or place or set upon. The Heidegger-Narp talks of the prefixes of stellen, herstellen: to produce and vorstellen: to represent in his discussion of essence of technology. His finishing place being of the course the famous ‘ge-stell’ or enframing, by which the world is set into reserve for man’s manipulation. The linkage is subtle and may need further uncovering later. For now let us note that the Heidegger-Narp’s translations often utilise the term ‘revealing’. Stellen as placing is a revealing, something is set or placed into openness. The pneuminous interference is slim but clear: Crowley-Narp calls the Stele of Ankh-ef-en-Khonsu the Stele of revealing, or by the slim addition of omission of the extra l becomes the ‘the Stelle of revealing’ or ‘the location of revealing’. It can also be seen as the almost tautological ‘the revealing of revealing’ which makes us think or er-eignis. Another link we cannot but fail to spot is ‘the star of revealing’ (and we all know what that is). Both instances seem to clearly refer to a new revealing (though the Heidegger-Narp had a more negative sense about what this revealing will bring).

Rose and L to follow maybe…

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