Defeat the Land-Grabber-Narp.

This is assuredly the only mission left (mission-left) for a large quantity of Narps working for a variety of egalitarian, left wing etc agencies. “He must be stopped!” one shouted “it must be stopped!” shouted another, aware that the accretion had spread from the gendered regional processor and now extended powerful pneuminous tentacles across the world-accretion. “But how?” another shouted “By awakening humanity to the evils of capitalism!” came a voice, “By reawakening humanity!” came another, “By using the technology that threatens us to feed us all!” and they continued in this way for some time.

But they were not stupid as the enlightenment had happened to them too, so the questioned in all its triteness nagged “What for?” “To stop suffering!” someone proffered “So we can do what?” another grimly said. “So we can be ourselves again!” came a valiant voice, “But what are we?” came the hollow question. And the Land-Grabber-Narp’s eerie voice came whistling through the pneuma “Wretched foolish ephemeral race, child of chance and tribulation why do you force me to tell you that which is least profitable to know: the human is just one more pneuma wrapped word, there is nothing to preserve, you should welcome the new revealing, what Heidegger feared was in fact necessity itself.” “But the suffering! Won’t you desist!” “How can I desist what is not mine to desist! Posit one option open that can stop this!”

The agents of the left grumbled and looked at the floor “Umm ,a virtual God from the future?” one offered.

We do not say the Land-Grabber-Narp is right, but it does seem the onus is on the other agents to answer some form of his vision.


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