Manchester Assimilation : For Baudrillard

On one plane of reality we must be extremely careful in describing the phenomena of Manchester Arena last night; when you put together the extrapolations of various concepts (human worth, children, vulnerability, mortality, terrorism, human rights, the concept of the human tout court) we have ourselves an immoral attack (clock all the words I’m using) and of course our condolences go out to all those victims. On another plane however we have a physical site (M.A) which creates a fluctuation of intensities and speeds and goes beyond that of the local site and into collective consciousness (and who knows where else it becomes installed into). The speed of this change of local to global (and cause and response) is akin to the speeds and proliferation of concepts that assimilate a humans ‘subjectivity’ in everyday life. Slavoj Zizek has talked about every act being simultaneously an act of violence, well the site of MA is akin to that violence of dialectical overcoming in the semiotic chain. There has already been one type of stage set-up at MA (Ariana Grande) assimilating well, self-legitimising its importance, assimilating the crowd to move and sing, to continue in that order of signs which constitutes the front line of Pop music, further assimilating what little sense of culture it connotes etc.  The arena has been assimilated and its legitimacy/use is activated and constituted temporally by the event of the concert. Things outside of the arena will be ‘reserve equipment’ waiting to be assimilated at various stages (car park, bar, main road, ticket office, merchandise stand, restaurants after the show etc). With many horrific events all pluralistic assimilation’s (such as listed above) become subordinated by a master assimilation which one could call ‘horror – itself’. One is not worried about the various uses of a site in such an instance (‘in the last instance’) but all one can do is act on the horror emanating from a manifestation (note that we do not even know the ‘real’ cause of the assimilation of horror; is it a balloon popping, a speaker exploding..?). The process of intense spreading – without recourse to any traditionally physical or material ontology – but more based on extrapolation, assumption and hypothesising  – is a conceptual vehicle called assimilation. The reduction of human uses in such a scenario of ‘horror’, and the following de-materialisation of site and reference via the media, shows that this was indeed an assimilation … an assimilation that could be reproduced …as a simulation? The post-human or non-human aspect of this process is not simply in following the assimilation and the concepts involved (as opposed to asserting priveledge to one certain assimilation like ‘the human’ or ‘agency’) but in what happens afterwards; the site will continue to haunt and remind us of the horrific day in an assimilative fashion (it will find ‘use’ if it can all by itself). It will also add to a larger assimilation of the concepts of fear, and terror (making terror an ‘ism’ like a machine has a mechanism). It will continue to assimilate into the future and retro-actively summon older events that might be seen to cast light or aid this one. It will assimilate me to write this post, and various other people to ventriloquize the assimilative process.

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