How to know who you’re an agent for?

Ok Narp so you accept your Narpness? It’s quite hard to not do so, given your escape routes include err believing in a real soul, a real self? What would either of these two things mean? Of course there are agents who work exactly for such accretions and will endeavour to keep them capable of assimilating more Narps. Here at the CEO we thing this seems like a lot of bunkum.

If though you can conceive it is in fact quite reasonable that you are a conceptually inhabited bio-computer which may or may not have vast pneuminous interference power potential (the difference between conceptual animism 1 and 2) then you have accepted your Narpness.

All Narps are agents, this CEO mantra comes out endlessly. They are necessarily agents because the neurotic accretion is just a self-aware mixture of concept beings (other accretions) often hung together (albeit contingently) by a name, like ‘George’.

Now if we want to know what ‘George’ is an agent for we have to consider two levels. This are the things George knows he’s an agent for and the things he doesn’t. For some accretions George is an overt agent, for others he is a covert one.

In truth it’s much harder to know what a given Narp is a covert agent for. This occurs because some of the accretions inhabiting are more powerful than or less attached to the supposedly governing name accretion.

A simple place to start in this assessment is: ‘What do you like?’ George here is wearing an ‘Arsenal’ t-shirt, so he’s an agent for that accretion (unless its a postmodern ruse). When asked what he likes he says ‘football, girls and pizza’, these accretions then some of the key ones that George is an agent for. But of course what George means is not that he’s a feminist agent, but rather that he likes having sex with girls. He might even only like having sex with a certain type of girl. The girl-sex accretion that he’s working to achieve is quite limited in its scope possibly. George is almost certainly also an agent for money, frankly its very hard not to be (though one might be secretly trying to work against it). George likes music too, but only some music; thankfully the bewildering infinite array of accretions can cater for his finest pneuminous connections.

‘Likes’ then means ‘is an agent for’. Of course there is a ‘liking’ accretion, its just that having this kind of relation to something is one way of displaying your agency for that thing, but there are others. Being employed by another accretion also makes you its agent, whether you like it or not, you are doing its bidding.

Another way to tell your agents is of course to ask yourself ‘what do you do?’. For each one of your regular actions (and thoughts which engage positively towards something repetitively) you are an agent. Now some of these accretions don’t vie for greater territory, walking for instance is often content with its normal necessary role (though there are real agents for walking who do seek to increase its power). But some of them need territory, accretions all need agents to thrive.

Having a hobby, belonging to a body of any kind, having a secret fantasy about something (this makes the Narp a secret agent for this accretion but not a covert agent; convert agents exist when the Narp itself is not aware of the controlling accretion), being an addict (an enslaved agent). As mentioned Narps can also covertly be controlled by all kinds of accretions . This often results in unnerving repetitions which seem in explicable: circumstance, colour, number to name just a few.

Becoming aware of your Narpness is exciting, it liberates you to operate as the agent you are and focus on working for the accretive masters you’ve plugged into to help them realise their goals. Don’t rue the loss of real self, it wasn’t really there in the first place.

Happy Narping!


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