Pneuminous Accelerationism

Accelerationism  in its naive right/left format focuses too heavily on physical technology. Left wing human emancipatory aims are noble but do not seem to recognize the kind of terrible truth that the Land-Narp, amongst others, have grasped. The criteria now largely back the manifestation of the non-self. Sloterdijk’s rear guard action against the secular world is doomed if it retains even a shred of romantic humanity. The soulless, godless human must be something else. This is not to deny the manifest obvious continuing proliferation of religion, it merely notes that there are swathes, powerful swathes of the world where the agents of the various mono-gods have largely lost. Left-wing accelerationism has no clear picture of what the Narp/subject/individual should be. To this extent its implausible mobilisation of technology against capitalism saves us only into nihilism. Even accepting the possibility of an unforseen reconstruction of the Narp that is satisfying to its being sufficiently that it can withstand the nihilism it has no particular program to face to changes that must come about in the region previously known as subjectivity.

Right-wing accelerationism is much more honest and realistic. Whether it’s the alien capital god from the future retro-temporally assembling itself, or just the recognition that capitalist forces cannot be arrested and hence need intensifying towards a possible technological singularity/other unknown outcome, these are bizarrely notions that make more sense. Of course the former stretches possibility and invokes a certain poetic understanding of the situation, dragging pneuminous interference and hyperstition in as criteria for its agents advocacy. Nevertheless in both cases there is a certain eschatological inevitability that chimes more honestly than dragging humanity out into a techno-communist future.

This position though seems to lack its own grounding. It privileges capital as the driver of technology and hence acceleration. There is a degree of efficiency to this but it seems it misses the information that drives the physical technology. This is naive to a point, of course the Land-Narp knows this and the two are not separate. But in knowing this we grasp the central point: Conceptuality is technology (Hegel knew this). Occult reverie immediately looms on the periphery at this intimation; this is to be acknowledged but not explored directly here.

Of course the machines manipulate the pneuma too, and AI can in time forge incredible new accretions, this is not to be denied. What must be taken into account is the possibility that this machinic force could be supplemented by harnessing the power of the Narps. In a certain manifestation Narps are a kind of bio-computer, this is a minimum, other manifestations credit Narps with hidden incredible pneuminous powers that can affect umbratic forces (siddhi e.g.). We do not say such powers are real, but even without such possibilities Narps still form incredibly powerful processing units which if released from the impoverished standards of education could achieve so much more.

This is what a true acceleration would look like. It has no particular left/right wing bias but would genuinely attempt to free the full capacity for ontological reflection/manipulation. Such a notion has left agency support insofar as it advocates full on educational emphasis in society. This advocacy though is towards full philosophical reflective freedom (such as it is), with the concomitant ontological pluralism (manifestationism) and is not in service of a communist-state, rather it seeks to accelerate Narp potentiality to see ontological possibilities currently ungraspable. Massive global/state support would of course be required for such an unlikely program. Yet the right wing program would also not find this so repellent insofar as it has not attempt to limit capitalist progress per se other than through the educational investment.

This program does not attempt to say what all such super-educated people would or should do, it only says that making use of the population as the powerful processing units they are, along side the developing AI/technology would be a more efficient accelerationism than capitalism alone and quite possibly opens new ontological horizons for the cohabitation/combination of both species.


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