Election Narp

Few experiences demonstrate agency so well as politics and few political happenings so well as elections. These phenomena allow us to literally see Narps as agents for pneuminous accretions. The political parties of course are the accretions. These are massive pneuminous structures with myriads of pneuminous threads extending in all manner of a-spatio-temporal directions. Narps submitting themselves to political parties as supporters or members become their agents. In submitting to being agents the Narps will often submit to various fiats issued by the accretion that they might not ordinarily have agreed with. This is assimilation in just the same way as entering a bar. The party is a structure that you allow your Narp to be assimilated by -unless you are working for another agency of course- and once this agreement is made any phantasy of Narp autonomy is even further curtailed.

What strong pneuminosity tells us though is that the accretion works through the Narps but is also autonomous to them. The Narps subsequent belief that they are people willingly supporting the accretion is only partially true as the accretion then exerts a neurotic effect upon the Narp. Here the Narp is literally controlled by the party (‘I’m labour through and through’), its ideas manifest as the content of the Narp’s pneuminous field, party decisions are the Narp’s decisions. Damage on the pneuminous level (electoral defeat) is literally painful to the agents (the same phenomena is clearly perceivable in Narps working for various football clubs).

This does not say that there is some advantage or authenticity to be gained from disentangling one’s Narp from such accretions, rather it is the case that the political example serves as an clear and somewhat exaggerated instance of the way in which Narps function as agents for whatever they are involved in.

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