Neurosis : revisited

The scope of my ontology is in many ways enormous and pluralistic; different realities being assimilated through relations and bonds (a photographic reality, a reality of a colour expressed and further assimilated by an insect, a reality waiting to form, waiting to become a large enough assemblage in order to instantiate what we could call the real, the reality of a mermaid through discourse, myth, further assimilation’s such as the use of ‘water’ and ‘human’ etc).  Not just the present dynamics of the real (assimilations) but also what happens to accretions that simulate a real? What happens to the information that such assimilations create? Can this information come back and haunt us? Or worse, can it assimilate a real based on the power of the information itself, interfering with other models of reality hitherto assimilated?

For all the impossibly complex designations and becomings of the real I have plotted out above- my descriptions are really quite commonsensical. I talk about all first-person-phenomenological consciousness in the same way; I describe a ‘subject’ assimilated; not just physically (as tennis player, as husband, as angry etc) but conceptually; I see people interacting with objects and other people qua a faith in a consistent model of communication and hence sense-making. Now we know this works, only too well, but outside of the assimilation, outside of seeing the representation and making the agreeable reflex, we also have the capacity to bring other signifieds and signifiers into any ordinary meaning-use situation; my friend has asked for a glass of water, my mind could unravel itself here and refrain from assimilation (I call this neurosis); I might think whether I actually like my friend who is apparently thirsty, why they hadn’t had a glass of water before they came to see me, or why they had not bought a bottle of water with them. These are still assimilations (they are sensical and exist as blocks of sense both grammatically, representationally and conceptually) but we are atleast straying from the task in-hand. We could bring innumerable concepts into the mental territory assimilated at this point in time; we may realise that the possibilities which have been set-up for us in order to think ‘thirsty’, ‘water’, ‘friend’, ‘etiquette’ etc are not totalizable concepts; they have no territory apart from their use in the moment of their being-used (I call this ‘the last instance’). The human experience of nagging irreducible signifieds has been represented in psychology (through what we have called trauma, compulsive repetition, neurosis etc), that is, the activation of concepts and representations that do not belong to the task-at-hand and hence utilitarian assimilated reality. THIS is my topological description of human reality – a world where the concept (which means the same as object to me) can either remain assimilated by the information, organisation and relation one gives to it (or a society gives it if you will) AND the interference of the possibility of different uses and hence different concepts (neurosis) – the awareness of both foreign and contaminated conceptual structures and the impossibility of any absolute/correct domain of thinking and acting. The beauty of this topology is that this impasse is fluid in that a neurotic possibility of conceptually coding a new/alternative reality – in order to act upon it – will soon become an assimilation; it will soon mirror this new designation back upon you and you will soon simply acknowledge such as the new status quo.

When you have some time to think today try to open up the parameters of the chain of signifieds attached to every object you become aware of, try to find their deeper associations (history being only one form of this deeper analysis). Then try to change – not the object – but the concept of the object/its meaning and use. Try and do this with as many objects as possible, deconstructing their territory and cogency into concepts which are co-existent with so many other concepts that no specific form can be salvaged. To do this is to become your own assimilation machine, to be a neurotic assimilation machine, to become a Nietzchean N.A.R.P against the herd N.A.R.P.s.

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