Some Narps like to talk about phantasies of food from previous ages that protected them from various failings in the regional processor itself (the fleshy bit). By a pneuminous thread to the accretion of ‘the natural’ and its various positive value pneuminous parts, such accretions have various agents working for them. In these putative instances  of ‘the natural’ the Narps didn’t eat the food to protect themselves, they just ate the food that was available. The claim tends to be something like that the diversity of foods and the unprocessed nature of such food stuffs made for a generally Narp preserving recipe.  Of course as since most people didn’t live very long back then its very hard to tell how much truth there is to this and of course it seems cogent that not all diets from the past were the same, some may be have been more diverse than others.

In writing this we already can feel the neurosis creeping in. Once the Narps created the nutrition accretion (itself formed of neurosis) they generated the possibility for more neuroses. The afore-mentioned notion of nutritional diversity is exactly one such. Whilst the notion of diversity of foods being healthy may have existed, overriding it largely would be something more like survival value (enough food), the worry as to whether or not a given Narp is eating a broad enough range of different foodstuffs would not be likely high in their pneuminous field. But now this neurosis can easily take over us; the knowledge that different vitamins, proteins, amino acids exist in different foods can easily make us paranoically supplement or extend our diversity to top up all these endlessly depleting reserves.

This neurosis -the phenomenology of the nutrition assimilation- extends effortlessly into the medicine accretion-assimilation. Certain foods are not just topping up essential parts they also actively preventing potential enemy assimilations from destroying the regional processor. This kind of nutrition-medicine accretion has various scientific criteria to make Narps heed it, as well as various unscientific ones; both of these have different kinds of epistemic power. Further neuroses feed into this pot. Narps are also infected with ‘too much of something can be bad’. Self medication through plant-technology (herbs/plant foodstuffs) and supplementation runs part of the Narp preservation script (a transcendental neurosis) in a baffling neurotic display: I should take this, but how much of it? How do I know when I have taken enough? Endless proliferating agnostic disjunctions  whose resolution is decided by dubious criteria (themselves upon analysis subject to more agnostic disjunctions) run the autonomous neurosis.

But there is no value judgement here, the message is not that we’re crazy (neurotic) and we need to step back from it. The message is rather that as Johns has pointed out: neurosis is the adequate description for the facticity of thought. The facticity of thought means its seeming autonomous arising outside of our putative ‘control’. This is just one more evidence of the autonomy of pneuminous accretions. We cannot decide that we need to not supplement or use plant-technologies or follow different dietary advice because such a decision implies we could avoid nutrition-assimilation-choice and leaves only i) consuming somehow only of necessity, but unless you are extremely poor -and we do not deny or make light of the fact such Narps exist- every choice is within the paranoic neurosis of how to best preserve your regional processor (and thus the embodiment of your neurotic accretion) or ii) the kind discourse that we should live our lives and resist this nutrition-accretions. We might think ii) is preferable it is assuredly a popular phantasy, but just try removing those autonomous accretions and their concomitant neuroses.

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