Phantasy and Conspiracy.

‘Phantasy’ as CEO terminology has a pseudo technical meaning. Phantasies are those ways of interpreting being that stand in a certain relation to what we call reality. Reality can only mean an appeal to what we take to be real. This is a use-term with its correlative accretion. ‘Reality’ designates the accretion, ‘is that real?’ is one of the many uses for the word (its assimilation of us) that feed back into making its accretion.

The difference between fantasy and phantasy is that the former is wild pneuminous ramblings of a Narp that might extend down any threads at all with neither rhyme nor reason. Super-powers and unrealistic sexual ambitions are common fantasies. A phantasy is the suppressed option in an agnostic disjunction. Agnostic disjunctions exist in all strata of the world. They notably exist when there are viable criteria supporting both sides of an argument. The resolution of such disjunctions is not determined by criteria that apply to common language games of truth (which exist because the criteria to undermine them are more akin to fantasies). In the case of agnostic disjunctions the decision is made by the agents who work for each side, one of which will gain general hegemonic control. Pneuminous interference (previously known as synchronicity) is the classic example. The disjunctive split is in its simplest form (it can be complicated further) between a magickal interactive world and a solid-material one. The general scientific-western agents have pushed that latter option as ‘reality’, but because of the very nature of pneuminous interference and its concomitant implications it is not possible to extirpate option 1 (if pneuminous interference did obtain it would still look like the existence we have). Hence pneuminous-interference is a phantasy.

Phantasies are not just the domain of occult speculation, they proliferate in the realm of conventional media. This rather biased article seems in places to suggest we need to stop listening to conspiracy theorists and fake news and listen to the establishment line. For one though it is a bit dubious to lump both phenomena in the same bag (though they are related, fake news are more akin to fantasies) and secondly it is precisely the point there are good criteria for not believing the establishment news media. The consumption of such media is nowadays strongly infected with scepticism about its motivations -both of corporate and political agents. Of course the paradox appears there that is was the established media that revealed the various lies of governments/corporations, without which we would not have been able to be scepticism. This though purely points to the fact that some agents of the media are state agents, some are corporate agents, some are journalism agents (and there are others too).

This jumble of agents unleashes scepticism upon them all (via accretive contamination) which simultaneously frees at least a certain part of the population from adhering to it as ‘honest journalism’ and makes it appear guilty of sometimes overt partisanship. This freedom enables other agents to step in to supply their own criteria as to why they can reveal the ‘truth’. Many conspiracy theories have perfectly believable sounding criteria which if Narps were philosophically honest would accept they do not know not to be true. Conspiracy theories are often phantasies, which are often rejected by educated intelligent Narps just because these Narps don’t identify themselves as agents of those forces. A government scientist denounces the claim so the weight of ‘reality’ presses down upon the ‘phantasy’. However the agents of the conspiracy ‘phantasies’ cannot be persuaded by the agents of the current ‘reality’ precisely because they too have criteria to faciliate their belief. It is a stalemate that is made to look like a defeat.

To qualify these words, this piece is not about propping up conspiracy theorists claims but it is about an epistemologically honest description of the situation.

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