Sideways [Non] Philosophising and Magick.

There is a sensation I have, possibly entirely erroneous and yet nagging. An incoherent comparison between the manner in which non-philosophy approaches philosophy and magick approaches the solid world. Maybe this goes nowhere but I feel compelled to write. I feel it as a sideways motion. For Laruelle philosophy as decision (a transcendental rule and empirical content like structure) provides the material for non philosophy. This ‘providing material’ approach does not, cannot meet philosophy head on; such encounters are between philosophy and another philosophy. These encounters are not resolved on any ground that is considered true empirically, rather they are won only on the basis of agents out manoeuvring other agents (either in logical force/seduction or possibly just quantity). Empirical truth is also conceptually beset, science must not forget this, yet its repetitive unearthings ground a grammar that is not like philosophy. Science reveals umbratic restraint and largely ignores pneuminous interference.

The similarity with magickal (pneuminous interference) effects is thus: Most if not all philosophy tacitly or explicitly conceives existence as a continuous spatio-temporal solid reality in which we are. The are is the existential are where ‘existence’ (from the above sentence) is the present at hand theorising description of physics. This is perfectly reasonable in one sense as the continuity is precisely what we in general experience. In magickal phenomena however (whether as synchronicity or perceived intervention by pulling pneuminous threads to effect our desires) this solidity is challenged. This is why we talk about the pneuma (information) affecting the umbra (the seeming solid underpinning). At the theorising level we seem to have little reason to suppose this is going on, it is, we would argue at the existential-phenomenological (are) level that these phenomena occur and cannot be eradicated (see pneumatology and chaos magick for a brief account of this problem).

So a magickal affect does not come from within this presuppositional world of solidity it come sideways against it. Whether it is conceived as a push that moves the subject (Narp) to an alternative reality (consciously or unconsciously engineered) where the occult phenomenon occurs or whether the reality in question is suddenly restructured, either way the actor is the symbolic content (pneuma). This motion cannot take place within the conception of solidity itself but must be something that alters the solidity seamlessly and instantaneously. For example: I seek to manifest a certain ring (jewellery) and I create a pneuminous accretion (visualised image) of this ring and try to bring it to solidity. Within a reasonable time of doing this such that it looks connected, the ring appears in a charity shop and I am able to obtain it. Of course there is no certainty here, that’s the point that leads to manifestationism. The revealing of the ring creates the agnostic disjunction for various models: coincidence, unconscious psychic awareness or pneuminous interference. The varieties of pneuminous interference mean exactly that, that the pneuma (symbol/information) was able to escape the solidity and affect it in this manner. I am calling here sideways on because it was not head on, which would be just one more explanation within the world as solid.

This suggests to me suddenly a curious inversion between the two sideways. In the Laruellean sideways it seems as if the solid is restored in the face of philosophical impotence whilst in the magickal sideways the solid appears as  challenged in the face of (current) scientific impotence. This is reminiscent to me of something I often maintain: that there is an alliance between magick and philosophy*. This seems an unusual notion insofar as we just said philosophy is often allied to the solid. This though we construe as an error of philosophy which has no onus to the solid. When philosophy is honest this alliance here shows itself as epistemological i.e. we need philosophical thinking to be honest enough to say we don’t know what’s going on in pneuminous interference (agnostic disjunction). But if non-philosophy really allies itself with an absolute temporal materiality as axiomatic it faces a potential failure to adequately parasitize the magickal. As mentioned in this post on Laruelle it may be that a superior immanence is yet to be found in pure information as immanent to itself, where the decisional structure is both the transcendental condition and the content.


*But it is only an alliance.

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