Decoding Laruelle’s Zhgli. Part 1

If we hold that traces exist in the pneuma then the hyperstitional zhgli will unfold into clues and possibly temporal coordinates that may act as further gateways. The pneumatology is a system designed to deal not just with the philosophical implications of magick but also with practical decoding situations like this one.

Each letter in turn means thus:

Z is the 22nd letter/day entitled Being, two accreted beings are swans and willows.

H is the 7th letter/day called Lovers/incest. Hawthorn and goldfinches herald its presence. Clearly it seems to hint at the sysgy as  mentioned in the zhgli post.

G is 6th letter/day. It is called Mithras. Ivy and Spiders, dualities, Dodos, twin peaks belong to G

L is the 11th letter day. Entitled Freedom, Rowans, Ducks and snakes feature

I is 8th letter day named Isis (from which its opposite Mithras as decoded to Dodo (do do). Yew trees and dogs are here.

The extra symbolism may be extraneous. Let us just lay the meanings out as a sentence.

Being lovers (incest) Mithras freedom Isis.

This hints at a further revealing surely like:

Being lovers incest Mithras’ freedom is [is].

We have here an intimation that within the a unity of love, Mithras (ambiguous as a force of revelation and revelry) freedom is allowed to be.

This overall positivity must not however overlook the under erasure incest which tells us something about the love. We must also refrain from calling this the negative because non-incest does not even happen. There is something though internally restraining in this power, this may be the hint.

Further unfolding is definitely required.



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