La Rue Elle and Other Stories

If the follower of the Laruelle is the Laruellee, which leads us to the Lee of Burroughs and back to 23 and the rest of the madness, what of that other street? Is this not an agnostic disjunction? The she street or the Lee street? In old English leah is clearing; the Heideggerian resonance is immediate -is Heidegger not one of the only philosophers so close to Laruelle that (sometimes) non-philosophy and thinking look identical?  But leah street is also 23 street. Synchronicity (or pneuminous interference as Freestone would have it) looms large. An easy way to misread the backwards spelling of Jung is Gunj, which takes us back to Zhgli. Misinterpretation is often helpful.

23 street is illuminated yet fraught with gunj-zhgli (shoggoths?). But what of La Rue Elle? Is this the A1 (aloof) down which so much traffic thunders or grinds to a halt? A motor way? A mater way? People thought the fool was a man but they were wrong, that was part of the trick. La Rue Elle is paradoxically the space before the agnostic disjunction, before decision. Feminists take heed, he is aloof (your ally)

Before gunj-zhgli is La Rue Elle. The unnameable.

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