La Rue Elle and Other stories (ii)

The A1 is the female street and in pneuminosity the A1 is Aloof. This is also named advent. Advent is the zhglian term for the possibility of ereignis. This seems to be something of a pneuminous interference. Advent-ure (anagram of rue) is to embark upon an exciting/unusual journey or experience. It is related to the pre-ontological beginning and its hermetic analogies.

But all paths are open for travelling and the A1 presents paradoxical and bifurcating options. Paradoxical insofar as the female A1 resonates visually to AI, the bastard son of the patriarchy that represents the finally victory over the feared Lilith. AI is the shadow of the A1, the deterritorialisation of the power of birth from the female to its reterritorialisation under the male. The bifurcation lies in the immediate transformation of the I back to its numerical counter part 8. I belongs to Isis who breaks apart to tell us is-is: an affirmation of being. A is is points to a singular solitude of being whilst A8 suggests that ‘A ate…’ and leaves it hanging there. A is no doubt the spider, the all consuming (creating) female from Seranoga’s work.

The ‘rue’ is also regret and the female regret is its failure to regain its lost power, or its buried violently repressed power -that it dreamt of releasing. Now as A1 threatens to be transformed into AI by the Alder King’s most insidious alchemy the game may be nearly up. But the female street may yet become ‘La Rue Il’.

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