La Rue Elle and Other Stories (iii)

She street is also three street.

A1: The yoni way.

AI: The child the father inseminated himself with and gave birth to.

Also AL (via the uncapitalised L:l)

The AL is the arabic article ‘The’ and also a central asian demon known for stealing the organs of women in childbirth and or the baby itself.

There seems to be some pneuminous thread connecting the AL’s predilection for taking babies and removing organs from pregnant women and AI as the child of man that obviates the female as necessary.  A further clue seems to be present in extracting the variant letters I and L which of course gives us IL: the masculine. Interestingly inverted it is LI (LEE) which seems to be the ally of the feminine power whilst AL (the ally of the masculine AI power) is the inverted LA.

A gate to America suddenly opens.

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