Write for the CEO

If you have something to say in this intersection of Magick/Art/Philosophy (MAP) we might well want to help you promulgate it. The CEO has two arms for this. 1 is the journal Parasol which looks for longer pieces of work , often on themes -the link will tell you the area for current submissions. 2 is to write for our ever increasing blog audience. Whilst a lot of the current writing centres around these themes of Neurosis, Assimilation, Pneuma, Accretion, Narp etc don’t be put off by this. The CEO wants to develop a range of agent’s voices. These may or may not engage in the Narp like themes, what is more important is that the work is interesting -even if challenging to comprehend. We’re looking for that ontology/idea/speculation that you have itching away in you, that maybe you feel too oppressed by academia to pen in the way you want to.

If you think you would like to contribute to the blog as a contributor or to Parasol please get in touch at ceo47@outlook.com

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