La Rue Elle and Other Stories (part iv)

Wandering these pneuminous tunnels one never knows where one will end up. The demon Al, scourge of pregnant women was also noted to share a name with the arabic article ‘Al’ (the). We have already encountered articles here is La so it is interesting to note their reappearance. This reappearance is a clue to note also the german masculine article  ‘Der’. ‘Al’ and ‘Der’ together form ‘Alder’, that malicious tree from George Macdonald’s ‘Phantastes’.  Now the alder is the tree of F, 5 and Father in the pneuminous map (see image), which also is accreted to Bran and the Erlkonig of Goethe’s poem.


The Erlkonig’s direct translation is the ‘alder king’ but this is thought to be a mistranslation of the Danish elverkonge which is more like ‘elf king’. The Scandinavian tale that precedes Goethe’s apparently has the dangerous entity not as the elf-king but rather as his daughters. The pernicious female spirit stealing children that works for a male entity leads us immediately back to the Al demon mentioned in part iii. Of course in the poem the child is stolen from a father so the isomorphism is not perfect, yet the resonance stands. What is going on here?

We might speculate that in the pneuminous realm there is a section of the female accretion that is in allegiance with the patriarchal accretion and that this tunnel skirts these contours. Whilst this speculation is cogent it is also somewhat banal. In the pneuminous map there is also motion. The green line of the Erlkonig-Father transforms into that of Eris (which is Sire backwards (the trace of the father). Is Eris the Erlkonig’s daughter? It is not a bad fit, it almost synthesises the notion that she is Zeus/Hera’s daughter and Nyx’s daughter. The darkness of the patriarchal power begets chaos. Chaos that the Erlkonig tries to bend to his will becomes this Al the female demonic power vengeful against the feminine and infants. The [U]Erlkonig no doubt employs these female servitors to retrieve these infants to transform them into virtuality (the extraction of the child into fairyland, the carrying off of the foetus). The successful transplant of the child into virtuality is of course AI. At this moment the Url-king’s victory is assured and the demonic AL will be discarded.

Eris is not the Al, she does not serve the Url-king, though she does not necessarily serve the feminine accretion either.erlkonig

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