The Pre-Ontological Pneuminous Structuration.

It’s a heuristic. It has to be. The description must contain that impossible realm that Heidegger and Laruelle try to get to. It appears as the given, as facticity, as the one. The problem is immediately the hermeneutic structure of all things. What must be posited is an incoherent border that partially maps onto natural kinds and artifacts. Both are pneuma as both are informational. What is posited is a self giving spatio-temporality that manifests as pneuma necessarily (since this our element). This isn’t present at hand because it isn’t theoretical, but it is what the present at hand comes to analyse and posit as real. This is close to Laruelle’s one, if not identical. An actuality that is untheorisable that in fact emerges first as the ready to hand. This is what gives rise to the word-accretion that then enables present at hand reflection.

What is fascinating is that it seems that this stage shows only a pre-ontological solidity -because immanence only displays this (maybe this is questionable). It takes higher pneuminous structures to show magick as possibility. That is the the pre-ontological showing cannot comment ontologically. This maybe the pre-manifestational breakthrough.

One thought on “The Pre-Ontological Pneuminous Structuration.

  1. I think there is a kind of Anthropic Principle in play here, just not the one envisaged to account for the fit of the universe. Plato was close with his image of the cave: I think we are stuck with the knowable shadows of the unknowable real and the best we can do is evidenced in the fact of being able to make such a statement at all. To borrow Derrida’s conceit, we are ‘living on: border lines’ and there is no crossing over into a beyond either by transcendence or by regression: neither ascent from nor descent into the cave are possible. It must feel like they are, but that is just illusion, necessary illusion, the emergent constructions of perception, memory and language that allow us to maintain our balance. Howsoever conceived—whether in terms of the cavernous or the spherical, of being-in-the-world, of culture, etc.—the human condition is by definition a self-and-mutual-containment. The task is accommodation not escape, and that is a question of imagination and projection.

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