Imminent Numogrammatical Ameliorations

This is a note upon work to come. Whilst the numogram demonstrates fascinating hyperstitional interactions, the decimal labyrinth has greater decoding potential as yet up-tapped (accreted). The primary liberation comes from the accretion of old elements to mathematical operators. At first glance this quaternity maps neatly onto the standard Jungian schema. However following discordian reasoning the recently reaccreted big five (Neurotic Accretion Constitution: 1) Alterity Relation. 2) Anality 3) Affectivity Control 4) Neo-philia/phobia 5) Awareness direction.) can be equally mapped onto mathematical operators so long as equivalence is included as a fifth element (pneuma). This complexifies the situation considerably by meaning it is no longer obvious we should simply cross add. 10=1 is only true under the Tellurian power. Aquarian power renders 10 as 0 (1*0=).

More to follow

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