Manifestationism as Immanence.

Manifestationism should not be thought of as abstract philosophical theory. Manifestationism is disclosed by agnostic disjunctive events. Pneuminous interference (synchronicity) is a paradigm experience of this kind, presenting as it does an unresolveable disclosure of solid or fluid worlds. This allows us to see that this kind of multiplicity of incoherent ontologies hover immanently to us constantly, the pneuminous interference case is just an obvious one. The ontological conceptions are locked into various alliances using the Narps (us) as nodes. This is not a call to break free, this is a description which might suggest new ways to conceptualise our relation to these powers. We are also concepts. This again is not the simple: we are concepts labouring under the illusion of indviduality, each Narp is a unique configuration of external accretive plugins and a name-accretion. In the usual situation the name accretion is so dominant its agenthood for the other powers is obscured, though what we call mental illness often displays the reversal of this dominance. An interlocking series of self generating Tulpas.

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