The Create a God Project

If the secular society is looking too frightening maybe there is a way out of this. You might think, hang on there Schlep it’s not looking frightening it’s looking positive, atheism is absolutely the way forward. This possibly ought to be the case, except of course that phenomena keep happening that prop up otherworldly interpretations of existence. Denying these from materialist angles has no force against a mindset that already believes powers exist that make these phenomena possible.

Atheism ends in a terrible empty nihilism that frankly we’re ill equipped to deal with as an organism. We might feel it’s ok, but the yawning chasm of the lack of telos will bite eventually. Chaos magick doesn’t solve this in its current form insofar as it simply advocates individuals take charge of their local regions by magickal manipulation through whatever means they find will best function. This level of existential-magickal play is all very well but has ultimately no greater psychological salve than materialism.

However there is a way out of this malaise. Heidegger supplies the clue with his famous ominous phrase ‘Nur noch ein Gott kann uns retten’ or ‘Only a God can save us now’. Thankfully owing to positive manifestation of chaos magick we could in fact forge this very entity-accretion through mass pneuminous agreement.  This massive pneuminous reflection of our Narp-selves could be charged to create a new incredible teleology which then would in fact be real. We would have auto-posed our own destining and could forge this new entity appropriate to the world we find it. We could even inscribe a sacred ritual that would undo this entity and lock it away for a time when it has stagnated so the destruction of it is much easier and Narps would know when it was over. This would of course invite unscrupulous enemies of the new world religion to try to obtain the sacred scrolls that destroyed this new deity.

But at least it would be interesting

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