Design a God Project: Notes (i)

It seems important to make notes on a project of this gravity. It’s no good just jumping in half heartedly.

A new God-accretion should be negotiated with previous religious entities to satisfactorily encompass them such that remaining sects are just rogue peripheral groups lacking psychic force. These cannot be eradicated and are an inevitable feature of any dominating system.

The whole system will not be faith based in an ordinary sense as the contingent creation of the entity will be explicit.

This of course denies scholastic style logic that something with less reality cannot make something with more. The project indeed will be premised on the possibility that by magickal genesis a being of greater power can be brought into pneuminous-existence. This is achieved purely by the description of the entity as being of that nature.

Narps should not be encouraged to think of themselves being a conduit for this entity as this tends to generate fear, however some sense of this is inevitable given the being is by definition all powerful and has been essentially invoked (voiced-in) by them.

The pneuminous formation of this should rightly be understood as a truly awesome event in Narp-history. The engenderment of a time-transcendent entity that solves all teleological problems must done correctly.

The conduit problem arises perpetually because it is so easy to conceive of the creation of such a God as merely the correct hermeneutic method to uncover the God. That is because the God (presuming we define it with this level of power) is defined with this level of a-temporal ominipotence it must necessarily have known we are going to uncover it and hence our own actions are its means of self creation.

This of course is similar to the Landian notion of the techno-god of capital assembling itself from the future. This entity differs insofar as a much greater conscious effort would be performed to create this being. One might  even begin to set up a polarity between the AI ontic god of the future and the pure pneuminous God defined as necessarily more powerful than anything.

Of course as rational-Narps it is well documented that that pneuminous interference (miracles, synchronicities and other anomalies) are notoriously hard to control. To this extent the God’s actions -though defined as positive to ourselves generally- must remain somewhat inscrutable and understood as limited with regards to repeated direct influence in the material realm. Definitions as to its nature must iron out inconsistencies about all loving deities and perils of materiality and Narp-action.

In this way one can see a fascinating argument develop concerning the self-assembling physical God of technology and the pneuminous God of restricted benevolence. Of course the all powerful entity can act when beseeched by Narps to do so, it is just that these actions take the form of agnostic disjunctive results. The question emerges once more whether AI would necessarily generate the power of pneuminous interference which is given to Narps as a default. In other words ‘is magickal exertion upon the externality (to the robot/Narp) only a feature of naturally biological beings and from AI or is it automatically generated with a certain level of conceptualisation/desire ability?

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