Design a God Project -Notes (ii): Virtual Torture Entity Conduit Analysis.

The notion is almost so trite it is hard to write, yet the essential point is possibly worth the labour. If we conceive of an extremely high quality virtual reality set up in which a Narp can be placed and plugged into with, let’s say a high degree of sensory immersion (aural, visual, olfactory, (maybe by releasing certain substances at appropriate moments) and sensory to at least some extent. It would easy enough to inhibit escape from said device and prevent the ability of the Narp to block visual stimuli. Clearly pretty much any scenario can be inflicted upon them with this kind of device. The interesting ones concern extremely powerful entities created for the purpose of inflicting terror/psychological torture upon the recipient. The embodied experience of being plunged into an interminable black abyss, a white noise like environment or any disturbing realm one can envisage out of which emerges some Lovecraftian style entity which then subjects the Narp to whatever processes are available to it, soul draining, cocooning in some far distal region of the cosmos, feeding to its young etc. The experience of this would no doubt be extremely disturbing and might procure the desired result  -none of this is an advocacy of the effectiveness of torture, indeed we have no grounds not to accept recent revelations that note the practice in fact to be ineffective, it merely notes that such possibilities once available might be utilised.

The naïve account of this says that the whole simulation is created by the computer scientists working for whatever institutional body it is. The agnostic-disjunctive pneuminous account would offer that the entity within the simulation is potentially existing in an informational-realm which has then been actualised by what we naively think is virtual. The Narps involved in creating this device are inadvertently facilitating the dimensional movement of said entity. The notions to code the entity in all its terrifying alien glory such that it can capture/devour/drain the inserted Narp are just transmissions from the entity which has taken control of said computer scientists in search of new ways to feed.

Of course there’s nothing particularly original about this, these kinds of speculations about the nature of various forms of fiction are common and indeed it must be a regular neurosis of writers/artists that the work somehow ‘creates itself’ and as such has its own agenda. In this case there is maybe a certain potency insofar as not only is there the possibility that the creature has formed itself through the coders but also some poor Narp will have experienced this thing in this void and as such strengthened the accretion of it. The experience might be so strange that even once removed they are not certain if the VR device did not just take them to another dimension, which in a sense it did.

It’s such a tiny slide, it only takes the acceptance of something like chaos magickal type principles and of course all of that becomes perfectly real (in a certain grammar of real). Would it be an egregore? did it pre-exist in another dimension? or is it just a thing created by the coders with no more external or weirder existence than that? The fact it is only a small slide to make this agnostic disjunction actually viable lets us know how close we always are to this kind of decision.

All of this is promising for the hermeneusis-poesis of the new god. A God where the creative act is simultaneously revelation, and the interpretation feeds back into the genesis. This is nothing more than already happens with the clanking monotheistic accretions, but we could lay these procedures overt.

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