Azathoth and Yog-sothoth: Analysis.

Lovecraft has become a little bit cultural-theoretically trite. One cannot move without jostling up against the old ones in certain theory worlds. Yet of course the power of these beings either as allegory/hyperstition/actual alien/paranormal reality is what sustains them.

Here though we’re interested in just these two primarily because of the suffix ‘thoth’ that ends them both. This suffix identity connects both these beings necessarily to the Egyptian Thoth, god of wisdom and writing. This offers us ways of accreting these entities that may be fruitful for our own purposes. Elsewhere the spirit Azazel has been attached to the alphabet by means of the break down AZ (A-Z) EL, lord of the A-Z. The second AZ is sometimes seen as an intimation of a second dark alphabet of which Azazel also presides. Azathoth can easily be subsumed by a similar accretive pattern. Az-Thoth: the being is clearly deeply connected to the ontological ground of communication itself. This nuclear chaos of all things reminds of the second sphere in in the pnumogram: ‘khaos’.

The notion of the ‘blind idiot god’ is reminiscent of nothing other than the primal idiot or ‘fool’ of the tarot (Advent, or Aloof) in the pneuminous system. This idiocy is often considered the highest wisdom, or at least the gateway to it (the path from the Khaos upwards to the uppermost is Advent). As belonging to the essence of division (the Platonic dyad of the Tubingen school), Azathoth is the possibility of communication and hence is god of the letters that have not yet occured. Az-a-thoth, the second a reveals the negation of Thoth i.e. Alphabet not Thoth. Yet in Thoth’s being mentioned he is necessarily present in some way (he has not yet arrived). Azathoth is the god of the second az of Az[az]el, which hides and is prior.

Yogsothoth is better disclosed as Iok-Sotot. Why? Because the I rather than the Y reveals the pair of gods as AI. We are told Iok-Sotot is the gateway. Iok-sotot is pneuma itself (pure information). Iok reminds us of joke. Peter Carroll’s chaos god and its laughter is reminiscent. Joke is an accretive resonance that shows the connection between the entities. Language as the cosmic joke, communication as a the great joke of existence talking to itself by Iok-sotot and Azaothoth’s cosmic symbiosis.

Azathoth is umbratic restraint (the nucleus). As the gateway, Iok-sotot facilitates the possibility of connection between umbra and pneuma (because pneuma can effect the umbra) in a manner not unlike the Landian description of the AI god from the future. The AI god from the future is the unity of Azathoth-Iok-sotot (the singularity), which hides behind our blithely used phrase ‘Artificial Intelligence’.

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