Headless Rite

The headless rite is said to be a preliminary to the Ars Goetia and part of the process for  invoking the holy guardian angel. Of course these themselves are just various accretive play-forms within the pneuma. The ritual itself is an excellent thing to contemplate with regards to pneuminous accretions as well as serving as a significant pneuminous interference trigger. ‘Do the words of power have power?’ Do they really have power? Yes, they have power, they have power accreted  upon them by all the voices that ever uttered them in tones of passion or dull repetition. Every connection through every grimoire, every interpretation, every contemplation links these phenomena and in this linking lies the accretion. Of course the question of whether they have real power is also answerable to the agnostic disjunction ‘does magick obtain or not?’ but as this is, unknowable, we are as well to act upon its truth as upon its untruth.

Having said that, this headless rite supplied here is altered. What power grants me the right to such sacrilege? Just the fact there is no such rule. Yes I concede, the rite is hoary with pneuminous threads woven again and again, and these give it a certain force. But in experimental ontology we must be brave to restructure such things, not to destroy to breath new life into them.

Feel free to try it and report back.

The headless rite of Balthazar Schlep


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