Parasol #2/CEO call for writing

Many thanks for the tremendous response to the Parasol launch. I just want to take this opportunity to ask you all to seriously consider doing some writing for us. The CEO’s mission is to try to house a plurality of theoretical  voices and supply publishing to good writing/thinking/art/poetry outside of conventional academia.

We have another issue of Parasol in the pipeline and we want it to be good. We have some contributors but we do need more. The general theme is Wilhelm Reich. This topic seems ripe for a variety of readings (Deleuzian/OOO (as hyperobject?)/Xeno-feminist/accelerationist/pataphysical).  Write something for us and lets make this a true collective of exciting theoretical voices (as opposed to me just wittering on about vectors/pneuma and magick ;-))

You might alternatively want to blog for us. This is also an increasingly more inviting notion as the stats are better all the time, so blogging for us increases your exposure as well as ours. There seem to be so many exciting, independent thinkers that all are formed of this mashup of Anton-Wilson/Land/Accelerationist/Deleuze and Guattari/Heidegger/OOO/Laruelle/Promethian thing. I’m not saying this is an accretion of agreement, but it certainly seems to be a fascinating melting pot.

We have (at least for the time being) money to publish things like Parasol. With more active CEO agents we can accomplish more.

Please consider this invitation to make a flourishing theoretical platform.


Write to us at

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