Orgone Accumulator now available in University of Lincoln Library

The CEO is proud to announce the long awaited Orgone Accumulator is finally available for usage in the University of Lincoln Library. The device was commissioned by the CEO and designed by UoL architecture students. Staff, students and members of the public are welcome to sit in the accumulator, though please ask at the library desk first as there is a ‘do not disturb sign’ available to hang on it (there is no external or internal lock) whilst inside.

The accumulator is part of the CEO’s wider Reich season which also includes an issue of it’s journal Parasol on Reich and the orgone theory (deadline  early May for submissions, write to for details).

The CEO’s comprehension of the accumulator neither agrees straightforwardly with the Reichian ‘orgone as real life-energy’ theory nor the sceptical placebo model. Whilst accepting both of these are competing manifestations, the CEO considers it more plausible that the device functions as what might be considered a ‘static magickal ritual’.

That is, Reich’s specifications have formed the ritual format, these having been enacted the device (vector) is imbued with the informational imprint of the accretion ‘orgone accumulator’. Now the accretion ‘orgone accumulator’ emanates from the Reichian theory that makes it possible (a related accretion) and as such it entails the healing properties he believed it possessed. So whilst it is true that the device does have the potency ascribed to it by Reich and advocates, this is not true for the reason they believed -the orgone field is not scientifically visible. This also means that sceptics will not benefit greatly from the accumulator since their accretive formations will be in competition with the those of the static ritual -and information like this is incredibly easy to disrupt- which obviously reinforces their opinion.

To this extent, even the open minded and accepting may find the accumulator challenged, firstly since the default state of (this) society is a scientific-rational hegemony and disentangling one’s self-accretion from this is almost impossible and secondly since (as anyone who has tried any magick will understand) rituals are notoriously difficult to predict/comprehend in their results. This of course potentially widens the net as to what the accumulator might do. Effects could be wider socio-economic (e.g.) rather  than simply psycho-physical.

However don’t let any of this put you off coming in for a dose; there are (on this interpretation) still informational powers inherent in it that are working to make it function, working to enable orgone to exist to fulfil  the function that it was perceived to do/be i.e. to help/heal. It just needs a little help from you too.


University of Lincoln, Centre for Experimental Ontology Orgone Accumulator

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