Vector Notes: On Thinking

The vector field should not be mistaken for an in-itself. The vector field presents as an undifferentiated mass on multiple planes the offers interpretations. Yet there is an interpreter of an unknown kind and of unknown limitations -ourselves- in there. The vector field cannot tell you if it would be identical without the interpreting entities (Narps or maybe Sarps (Self Accretion Regional Processor) is better -less negatively laden) therein. The vector field in itself is theoretically the product of even lower organisational structuring -like a Kantian structuration (this raised the notion of the umbratic, which is not identical to the vector field).

Manifestations are interpretations of the nature of the vector field as a totality -competing ontologies.

Regions of the vector field are objects and relations between objects.

It is very hard to articulate this as it is still partially inchoate.

Just because an object is human made does not mean it cannot be a vector. There is no privileging of stones etc. Any given cultural ridden or natural situation is still the vector field -as a kind of epoche.

Activities like thinking are the occurrence of something identifiable as a language game. Consequently there is a vector region that the concept is applied to. This will largely have two criteria i) first person ‘I was thinking really hard about that problem’ ii) second person ‘you look liked you were thinking  about something’. The first case has direct access to if they really were contemplating a problem and the second does not. These cases constitute the basic grammar for the thought language game. Both turn on the fact that the utterances are intelligible to others not access to the ‘real state of thinking’.

Nevertheless vector theory can also incorporate this. The external behaviour and mental activity -however it might happen- are the vectors. ‘Thinking’ as a concept is applied to them both. This is an accretion (the two modes of the language game).

In magickal ontological considerations ‘thinking’ is an accretion not just of epiphenomenal information but of an informational substance called herein ‘pneuma’. The accreted pneuma of ‘thinking’ as reified out of the language game level to the accretive level. The vector region that has the ‘thinking accretion’ attached to it, literally has it attached to it. The region called thinking is being controlled by the ‘thinking’ accretion. As this is a regular occurrence no anomalous phenomena result -it is just the application of concept to vector. But it still is magickal insofar as there is an ontological effect, the pneuma is changing the vector.


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