On the Train: Cooper’s Accelerationist Coffee.

A blur. A wedding party. A synthesis. A darkness. Are these identical? Of course not they differ wildly as accretions. Coffee, black coffee has accreted the power of a gateway, inextricably tied to scorched engine oil. But a blur, a wedding party, a synthesis and a darkness are all related. The blur is the blur of intoxication that belongs to the essence of celebration. The blur is also the blurring of two NARPs -a wedding. Such a blurring is of course also a synthesis. A darkness? Well it is a darkness for the previously disparate elements which are now forever altered. Even deaccreting is never complete. Pneuminous lines exist in their temporal points forever, their appearance of fading is just a temporal appearance. A blurring too is a kind of darkness. A celebration is accreted to darkness, intoxication brings darkness on many horizons. Coffee folds back in as darkness. But coffee does not blur in the same way. Coffee blurs by speed but separates by intensity. It jags and points. Coffee celebrates but does not bring darkness, it brings light and speed. Speed? Where have we heard that before? An occult/speed connection? Is Twin Peaks in this way not an accelerationist call? ‘Damn fine coffee’ sings the virtues of speeding things up. Here though the word virtue has a particular ring to it -we cannot simply negate the ‘damn fine’ part. Some accelerationism might advocate any old coffee, but not Cooper. His must be quality. Does this mean the acceleration is incidental to the quality or are the two related? Does Cooper hint at a ethical (left?) acc program as opposed to Earle’s (right?) acc. An interesting twist on the left hand path. As if we required a confirmation (to the general acc association), consider again the scorched engine oil-coffee accretion. Speed. Is. A. Gateway. That recognizes and perpetuates conscious-awareness as opposed to the synthesizing power that reduces it.

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