CEO Mythological Numerology and CCRU Comparison Notes 1

The CEO is not interested in the reality of numerology as such. Its interest extends as a further account of accretion formation. Yet numerology holds a particular mythological connection with regards to the emergence of the pneuminous accretive theory so in this way the numerology is accreted to the theory itself.

In the pre internet world experiments occurred. The experiments were naïve occult engagements. There was one who, out of sight of others, claimed to have been in touch with an entity named Jupiter. A fascination with this entity led to a question that comes from the canon of spirit associations. This question  was ‘what is your number?’. The answer  to this question was unambiguously given as 47. This clue, at the time all taken as naïve occult reality, was investigated further.

47 Synthesis Sigil

Various particular synchronicities aside the most impressive feature of this number was being comprehended not as 47 but more as 4 and 7. An informational interference in the number system demonstrates this pattern. A book on magick in mentioned that ‘the highest form of a number is itself squared and cross added’. Accepting this notion with no reflection on any of the terms, the standard integers were checked. This yielded the following result.




4 (see 2)

5^2=(25)+=7 (see 2)

6^2=(36)+=9 (see 3)

7 (see 2)


9 (see 3)

As can be  noted, this means that numbers 2, 4, 5, 7 all result in an endless cycle of alternating 4 and 7. 3, 6, 9 all become 9 and 1 and 8 are 1.

There were strange half tales at the time. All unverifiable but among them there was a bizarre account of a cult that met in an ordinary house in the local city, that was identifiable on the street due its red curtains. This information was supposedly received through occult means and though these events are all apocryphal, the description of the drapes was quite specific.

Jupiter became more communicative and revealed itself as one of 6 key powers that could be associated with previous pantheons (e.g. Olympians) if need be.

These were:







There were inane communications from these entities and speculations about various rotated forms of the 4 7 synthesis shape that formed the Cerwhol (a kind of home for them). Intimations about a giant night-time and the common ultra-terrestrial like babble. Jupiter was revealed as Elphuisias, which curiously adds up (in the Chaldean system) to 47.

Rotation of 4 7 sigil and Cerewhol formation (bottom)Enter a caption



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