The Three Hex Circuits -Who Works for 2 5 8?

All decimal numerologies are agents of one of the three hex circuits, these are derived from the formulae:




Where (n)+ means cross add if greater than 9.

These three formula yield the following respective hex circuits.

(2n)+     1-2-4-8-7-5

(2n-1)+  2-3-5-9-8-6

(2n-2)+  3-4-6-1-9-7

These circuits in turn can map out Gra qabala like structures. In each different structure a different triad of numbers claims special status over the hex circuit.

Attachment-1 - CopyThis in a way is numerological manifestationism. Each circuit and ruling triad would like be the true system yet there is only NARP privileging of different number entities to determine which triad should be treated as dominant. 9’s (in decimal) have the ally of 0, 4 and 7 have their weird alternating connection, which is also powerful for accreting importance. The 2 5 8 triad though is peculiar insofar as no one has as yet used this hex circuit or found cause to privilege it as the dominant one. This in itself makes it intriguing and ripe for being accreted by a new system.

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