AZ Structure

We have elsewhere written about the AZ as the alphabet and how Azathoth is the comprised of the privation of Thoth (writing) and the second AZ of Azazel, this second AZ being the hidden alphabet that cannot be written -the umbratic. Recent sigilistic experiments have revealed potential accretive links. One is the tenuous but poetic phrase ‘Onsebeus hides in the umbratic’. Onsebeus is the power of the hidden, the undisclosed literally unperceived. The name flickered the famous spirit Asmodeus to mind. There are a series of reversals in the two names. The d and the b switch, the n switches to m and then exchanges place from 2nd 3rd and 3rd to second respectively. Asmodeus is known as an earth spirit in some sources whereas Onsebeus is attached more to the subconscious -in the pneuminous system it is associated with the navel centre which is his seat of these id like powers. This simple linkage conjures the AZ which in pronunciation also prefixes its name: AZmodeus. The question is which AZ? The umbratic alphabet of Azathoth or the pneuminous AZ of presence? We should recall that the space of the clearing before us is given to AZollo and that the association of the dark earth belongs only partially to the umbratic Onsebeus but more so to the power Durranos. Durranos as the earth power is clearly the home of AZmodeus. But this does not clearly tell us which AZ the entity is an agent for. It does prompt us to register that many accretive entities work for the AZ. AZAZel is the power (God) of the double alphabet.

The pneuminous alphabet (that we use) of Iok-Sotot-AZollo is 4.

The umbratic alphabet of AZathoth-Onsebeus that cannot ever be  is 7.

In the system herein AZAZel is the hexagram though elsewhere AZAZel is the pentagram, for it must strike the middle between 4 and 7 and there is no room for 5.5…


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