[Brief] Note on the God of Coherence

What is the God of coherence? It may the phantastical answer to some of the issues involved here. Previous posts on manifestationism have drawn attention to the problem of the manifestation of coherence. The issue being that the set of competing ontologies appears to contain the ontology in which concepts are coherent vehicles to contain being. Ambiguities can be ironed out and truth objectively unfolded. This manifestation denies the basic incoherence of concepts upon which the whole meta-theory (manifestationism) is founded.

All this manifestation needs to stay as a part of the extensive set is ironically its incoherent manifestation -incoherent coherence. As it does have this level of sense it remains present. Coherent coherence* is a nonsense. It seems quite obvious this is the case, yet as a phantasy it persists. We can find various ways to show the permeability, the ambiguity of concepts (Derrida, Wittgenstein) yet still the strange possibility that it might all make rigorous proper sense manages to hang on. This phantasy is curiously similar to christian monotheistic notions of God. This similarity is shown in positive theological qualities of God like, perfection, all knowingness etc. From the monotheistic God’s perspective ‘coherence’ is perfectly valid. When we engage in the phantasy of perfect knowledge, the manifestation of coherence, we belong to the lineage of this God. This is not to say one entails the other, though the perfect God ontology does entail the Godlike possibility of perfect knowledge (coherent coherence) but not its human access. Neither does potential human coherent coherence entail the perfect God. No, the connecting point is that they both suppose the possibility of coherent coherence.

*In the TPP a phenomenological epistemology is offered in the following form. The basic relation to a given word-object is an incoherent coherence meaning we accept the word means the object but think no deeper about this. Any thought upon the matter reveals the relation to be an coherent incoherence, i.e. we understand that the fastening of the concept to the phenomena seems in a hard sense essentially impossible. This leaves two remaining relations: incoherent incoherence -which would be outright nonsense- and coherent coherence -the perfect knowledge relation.


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