Parasol (Journal of the CEO)

We are taking submissions for Parasol 5 which will be themed on the topic of Zones. Tarkovskian, Strugatskian or Lynchian zones are the general inspiration but any usage of the term that is in the right ballpark will be considered.

Enquiries should be sent to

The CEO produces a journal ‘Parasol’ that appears occasionally.

As a further gesture of goodwill for the times, we have decided to release all the CEO publications as free PDF downloads.

Tracatatus Pneumatologico Philosophicus

Exploration into the phenomenological implications of a chaos magickal ontology

Parasol 3

The latest issue on Magick and Philosophy featuring a heavily CCRU inspired contingent as well as other conceptualia.

Parasol 2

A series of very novel essays/fictional pieces and poems on the work of Wilhelm Reich.

Parasol 1

A mixture of essays on ontological neurosis and occult speculation.

first volume of the CEO posts.


The Second issue of Parasol has just been released for sale (after a long wait).

You can buy the ebook at any of these locations:

Barnes and Noble



Or the hard copy can be purchased with the paypal button on the page.


It features the following papers:

The Orgone Accretion. (Graham Freestone)

Making Bion Packs. (Elytron Frass)

The Sexual Revolution Will be Subtle. (Pope Joan)

#Cloudbusting. (Sabeen Chaudhury)

Oranur or Reich’s Folly. (German Sierra)

The King of Cyan. (Seranoga)

Lincoln’s Orgone Accumulator: The Question Concerning Life and Architecture. (Marcin Mateusz Kołakowski & Doina Carter)

Student Projects.

Reich vs. Reich: Libininal Economy and the Hardline Subculture. (Brian Hughes)

The Reich Encounter. (Charlie Johns)

A few copies of the first issue of Parasol  are still available. It was released 2017 and contained the following papers:

1 Land: Neurosys

2 Blake: Elves of Disintegration

3 O’Sullivan: Mythopoesis, Scenes and Performance Fictions:

4 Schlep: Spider-Spit: Notes of the formation of an Alchemical-Textual Machine.

5 Johns: Creating emergence : A Brief Study of Conceptual, Phenomenological and Material Autopoietic Emergence.

6 Ardoline: Neuroticism and the Impossibility of Meta-Philosophy

7 Hall: Neuromancer through Alfarabi:
On Neurotics as Politically-Imprisoned World-Creators.

You can one of these with the paypal button or the ebook is available at these locations:

Barnes and Noble