The CEO is a collective project. It started as a collective project, but now the collective has expanded below the surface. We are both easily identifiable and anonymous, so do not expect short biographies at the end of posts. We, including you, can choose to use a “real” name, a pseudonym, heteronym, or any other type of word ending with “nym”. We, including you, accept simultaneous and/or multiple submissions for our three main modalities of publication:

  • The print journal Parasol, which started the CEO, and usually includes essays, articles, experimental academic writing, and the unusual but charming odd piece. No word limit, but please be aware that the longer your piece is, the less of a chance it gets of squeezing-in with the competition. Each issue runs around 200 pages, give or take.
  • The blog, which, as you can see, varies immensely in length and theme, including articles, from essays to opinion pieces. If you have something interesting to send us and want a quick process, you should probably send it to be published online. We will accept anything that catches our eye, from analytical diatribes expanding on the usual territory of the CEO to weird poetry. As long as it feels relevant to us, it is in. And again, as with Parasol, there are no word limits, but we may (and most likely will) break longer pieces into parts for the better digestion of online readers.
  • Our books that, out of the bat, we impose no word limits (nor any minimum). This is our newest venture, so try us out. Impress us. Have an old monograph that is too edgy to be published? Try us out. Have a chapbook chaos-inspired and too experimental? Try us out. Just try us out.

For proposals specific to Parasol, Book-length submissions, and proposals specific to the blog (to appear in our online archives), or that you are unsure where it would fit, send in documents, finished or not, outlines, and whatever else, to, All submissions should go to this email.

We accept submissions year-round and ask you to familiarize yourself with the modality of your choice before submitting. But again, even if you think it might not fit, it might just fit.