Tractatus Pneumatologico Philosophicus

The Tractatus is a work exploring the epistemology of a chaos-magickal ontology. It strays between a number of themes sketching the theoretical outline in places, filling in detail in others. Anecdote, theory and fiction sit along side one another in this experimental piece of work. Comes complete with germinal meta-theory (manifestationism).

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“The problem of paranormality is a thorn in the side of philosophy. It makes Cartesian doubt look like viable worry. Ensconsed in its own dream of solid world rationality, philosophy fails to pay attention to the fact that psychological explanations for paranormal phenomena are not proof that the psychological explanations are correct. Whilst the Tractatus in no way says that
paranormality actually obtains, what it is does say is that we cannot extirpate the experience of paranormality from our lives. Furthermore, since we cannot remove the phenomena with a
materialist ontology, we should at least consider what the alternative would look like.
The Tractatus is largely concerned with exploring this alternative ontology -whilst accepting it is potentially just an appearance. Taking cues from chaos magickal insights and grounding itself in
the experience of paranormality (taking synchronicity as a key example) the book suggests active conceptuality (or pneuma as it is named herein) is the necessary condition for such phenomena to occur. The implications of accepting this kind of ‘substantial conceptuality’ are then variously explored both in relation to paranormality and regular philosophy. The result suggests a philosophy that seamlessly fuses a magickal interpretation of existence with the regular everyday one.”