The Writing Game

The Writing Game is a piece of fiction run from the CEO website. The premise is simple, a relatively stable collective of writers take turns at writing a section of the work. Writers may drop out, new ones may be added, some contributors may be one off guest writers.

Each writer will be given an Author account at the CEO so they can post their work. If they don’t want to do this it can just be emailed in and posted by us.

The Writing Game has certain rules. These are designed to enable some degree of continuity in the work -though some discontinuity is to be expected.


  1. Each section should be at least 200 words long and no longer than 2000 words long.
  2. Each section should be produced within 3 weeks of the last section. There is no problem with no doing this if you are busy (it’s supposed to be fun), simply let us know and we can pass it on to the next writer.
  3. Each section should try to pay attention to what has happened before (obviously this is only within reason i.e. by the time it’s been going a while, reading the whole thing might be impractical for someone who wants to guest/join in, in this case reading the last 3 sections should be sufficient). This continuity attempt is the tricky balancing act of trying to input your own ideas whilst understanding what has happened and responding to it -enabling where it seems to want to going rather than forcing it in a certain way. Of course a totally new scene could appear (if the moment is appropriate), this new scene though should ultimately (maybe over several turns) reveal itself as connected to others.
  4. All new terms should be defined, preferably within the text (though a glossary may become useful eventually as we can’t be expected to keep giving the definition of any neologisms).
  5. Character descriptions (physical and psychological) should be relatively consistent.

There is no pre-given plot but there is a loose world description. This will be a Kafka, Burroughs, Ballard world replete with endless technological and occult forces.

The narrative of course already exists in the future and we simply need to tune into this to retrieve what we have already written.

If you might like to write for the Writing Game, email