Pneuminous Calendar

The Pneuminous Calendar is an attempt to synthesize various occult accretive structures in a temporal model. It combines reaccreted pneuminous Gra-Tree into this model. The Gra-Tree as shown below has letters attributed to paths. These letters are also the numbers 1-22.

In addition to this each letter/number has been sigilised into a form that attempts to encompass the general accretion of each vector region (path). A number of other attributes exist for each path. These can be seen below in the table about the hyperqabalah (which is also another facet of the same system).

In addition to these, the ogham also supply a tree correspondence to each day/path/letter/number. Animals/birds have also been added:

a: Scots Pine, Bear, Lapwing

b: Birch, Deer

d: Oak, Hedgehog, Wolf, Tawney Owl

e: Poplar, Aspen, Beaver

f: Alder, Toad

g: Ivy, Sycamore, Magpie, Bull

h: Hawthorn, Goldfinch

i: Yew, Dog

j: Linden, Goose

k: Hazel, Squirrel

l: Rowan: Duck, Snake

m: Rose, Bramble, Mouse

n: Ash, Woodpecker, Crow

o: Gorse, Lilac, Snail, Spider

p: Pine, Goldcrest

r: Elder, Sparrow, Bryony

s: Blackthorn, Blackbird

t: Holly, Horse, Hawk

u: Horse Chestnut, Heather, Hare

v: Beech, Lion, Dandelion, Bee

w: Apple, Chicken, Bullfinch

z: Willow, Swan

The calendar then is formed of repeating sections of these cycles of 22. In the context of the calendar, each one of these cycles is known as a mouth and each mouth has 22 ‘teeth’ (days). There are 16 mouths in a year. These are named:

Plan, Who, See, Towards, Strive, Fix, Serve, Wait, Find, When, Devote, Shelve, Free, Foresee, Hide, Seek

Festivals occur between every two Mouths.

Festival:Cyclops Opens (Start of year)

Mouths: Plan, Who,

Festival: Eris Rises

Mouths: See, Towards

Festival: Inpass

Mouths: Strive, Fix

Festival: Somer

Mouths: Serve, Wait

Festival: Fe[a]te-Will

Mouths: Find, When

Festival: Sol

Mouths: Devote, Shelve

Festival: Pneulight

Mouths: Free, Foresee

Festival: Thanotalia

Mouths: Hide, Seek

Festival: Cyclops Closes

A pdf of the Mouths and Teeth with the festivals shown can be found here though it does not feature the Mouth names.


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