In order to develop the hyperqabalah it has become necessary to reformulate the names of the nodes. These barbarous names have a certain significance that will be revealed later. Doing this means that the previously given names of the accretions becomes an aspect of them rather than the central defining feature. The table here gives the aspect and node name.

The node Lehe whose aspect is Freedom is missing from the list for reasons not yet revealed.

w 21 Eskatology

The node Eskatology concerns the endings of systems and the idea of the ending of systems. As it concerns the possibility of ending it is understood as a node projected by awareness i.e. endings in themselves can be conceived as somewhat artificial in an endless flow of energy. Hence Eskatology is in this sense tied to humanity. Eskatology is a node on the circuit, with Freedom (l) preceding it and Luna (u) following it. Being (z) is the feeder node for Eskatology.

Other accretive aspects of Eskatology are: Hebrew letter: Shin, Tarot: Judgement, Apple trees, Primroses, Chickens, Atrial natriuretic hormone, Magnesium, Tyrosine, Logical Exportation.

u 19 Luna

Luna is a circuit node with Eskatology (w) before it and Pneumatology (p) following it. The feeder node for Luna (u) is Philosopher (k). Luna is a changeable force of power over water. It conceals itself and shows itself.

Other attached accretions are: Hebrew letter: Qoph, Tarot: Moon, Silver, Mugwort, Horse Chestnut Tree, Heather, Hares, Menstrual cycle.

t 18 Superman/Boudica

Superman/Boudica is the 18th node of the hyperqabalah. It is the feeder node for Foetus (n 13). A mutation and bifurcation of the hero figure the energy embodies transcending the usual bounds of possibility on the levels of the human and the political -though specifically in this dual sense.

Other attached accretions are: Hebrew: Tzaddi, Tarot: The Chariot, Holly tree, Horses, Hawks, Tryptophan, Cortisol, Fluoride, Iron, Quadratic formula.