The Hyperqabalah has its roots in the mysteries of the number 47. These have been given here. This manifestation of the 47 is entirely autonomous to the Pomona appearance and its subsequent Star Trek influence. Herein lie two connecting lines to the number 23, now sacred to Eris. Pomona is the Roman goddess of the orchard and hence of apples, and so the line is drawn. 47 found its way into Star Trek, the Star is Sirius (then this line drawn is a key…).

The Hyperqabalah draws from the 47 and pays homage to the 23 -which is prior. When the Gra-tree of the Qabalah was drawn, it placed the 4 and the 7 in the central column to emphasise their alternating nature as faces of the same thing. When each path was re-sigilised it was allocated a number 1-22.

Because positive integers were used for all paths in single symbols, when the notion to create the Hyperqabalah appeared it necessitated that the base in which it functioned be the one in which there are 22 single symbols for positive integers and that when 0 was added the 23rd became this base’s equivalent of 10.

Hence the base of the Hyperqabalah is base 23. This is not of the strongest necessity, but it is of reasonable necessity whilst it also taps into the historical accretive line of this number. The Hyperqabalah is a synthesis of the 23 and 47 on mathematical and historical accretive axes.

The Hyperqabalah is a snapshot of the reticulum, the a-spatio-temporal light fibres that underpin all the worlds. Hence the number of paths is in some sense arbitrary. In the Qabalah there is a sort of suggested necessity to the shape the Sephiroth form. In the Hyperqabalah there is no such necessity. There is a circuit of nodes, there are the feeder nodes and there are the three master nodes. The connectivity of circuit and feeders to the masters has less suggested necessity than that of the Gra-tree

What is the Hyperqabalah? Quite simply put it is a regular Qabalah whose paths between the Sephiroth have themselves been transformed into Sephiroth (or nodes as they are commonly referred to herein). Different arrangements of paths are then played with.

These are recognised to be totally contingent and thus the chosen model represents and aesthetic and not necessary choice. Of course this can be said to be true of the tree of life itself in either regular or Gra tree form. There is in this instance though something more of the appearance of necessity (especially in the Gra tree used here). The Hyperqabalah has no such appearance of necessity. The chosen nodal arrangement and quantity of paths is deliberate but only represents one small possibility of its unfolding.

In this way the Hyperqabalah works along side another current CEO project. This is that of the ‘reticular ontology’. The reticular ontology posits an a-spatial a-temporal connecting series of fibres that, when viewed by humans look like fibres of light. These run between all accretive nodes, either human formed or otherwise. The Hyperqabalah is a snapshot of the reticulum at different level beyond the archetypes found in the regular Qabalah. The paths in Qabalah can be understood as harmonies between the two Sephiroth. The same is true of the Hyperqabalah yet the concepts here are of necessity more alien and complex.

This call for submissions asks for persons willing to in some way conceptualise one of the paths of the as yet inchoate Hyperqabalah. Such a conceptualisation could be in any medium as the nature of the path will be quite abstract. If you would like to conceptualise a path for the project please contact us at:

For further information on the hyperqabalah you can look at these posts. Understanding the maths is not necessary, though familiarity with the shape itself is.

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Hinted Communications from the Outside.

In order to develop the hyperqabalah it has become necessary to reformulate the names of the nodes. These barbarous names have a certain significance that will be revealed later. Doing this means that the previously given names of the accretions becomes an aspect of them rather than the central defining feature. The table here gives the aspect and node name.

The node Lehe whose aspect is Freedom is missing from the list for reasons not yet revealed.

w 21 Eskatology

The node Eskatology concerns the endings of systems and the idea of the ending of systems. As it concerns the possibility of ending it is understood as a node projected by awareness i.e. endings in themselves can be conceived as somewhat artificial in an endless flow of energy. Hence Eskatology is in this sense tied to humanity. Eskatology is a node on the circuit, with Freedom (l) preceding it and Luna (u) following it. Being (z) is the feeder node for Eskatology.

Other accretive aspects of Eskatology are: Hebrew letter: Shin, Tarot: Judgement, Apple trees, Primroses, Chickens, Atrial natriuretic hormone, Magnesium, Tyrosine, Logical Exportation.