u 19 Luna

Luna is a circuit node with Eskatology (w) before it and Pneumatology (p) following it. The feeder node for Luna (u) is Philosopher (k). Luna is a changeable force of power over water. It conceals itself and shows itself.

Other attached accretions are: Hebrew letter: Qoph, Tarot: Moon, Silver, Mugwort, Horse Chestnut Tree, Heather, Hares, Menstrual cycle.

t 18 Superman/Boudica

Superman/Boudica is the 18th node of the hyperqabalah. It is the feeder node for Foetus (n 13). A mutation and bifurcation of the hero figure the energy embodies transcending the usual bounds of possibility on the levels of the human and the political -though specifically in this dual sense.

Other attached accretions are: Hebrew: Tzaddi, Tarot: The Chariot, Holly tree, Horses, Hawks, Tryptophan, Cortisol, Fluoride, Iron, Quadratic formula.

s 17 Twilight

Twilight is the crack between the worlds. This is not a metaphorical crack but a literal one formed by aeons of pneuminous activity which perceives this vector of alteration (the changing air and light) as a gateway. The perception of Twilight as the weird space it is has made it into exactly that. Twilight is a node of opening into something else.

Twilight (s) is a circuit node with Passion (j) preceding it and Freedom (l) following it. Sol (v) is the feeder node for Twilight.

Other accretive aspects of the node are: Hebrew letter: Peh, Tarot: Tower, Blackbird, Blackthorn, Threonine, Choescystonin, Calcitonin, Choline, Transposition (logic), Binomial theorum.

r 16 Pan

Pan is a God of nature, of spring, of sexual impulse. The node thus embodies these things. Pan is also all. Pan is thus all these things under this aspect -God as nature, God as filliative becoming.

Pan is a feeder node into Passion (j).

Other accretive aspects of the node are: Hebrew letter: Ayin, Tarot: Devil, Elder, Sparrow, Bryony, Adrenalin, Noradrenalin, Serine, ~~p (logic)

p 15 Pneumatology

Pneumatology is the study of pneuma, both in our modern sense of ‘conceptual substance’ and spirit. The swords of the tarot are the suit of air and air is also connected to pneuma. This links to the CEO’s employment of the term, for air is the element of the mind. Concepts are the stuff of the mind so pneuma as air is connected to the pneuma of conceptual substance -and hence related to a kind of idealism. But p is not simply pneuma it is the study of pneuma. It is the pneuma studying itself and hence represents a kind of self awareness.

Pneumatology is part of the circuit and lies with Luna (u) before it and Incest (h) after it. Its feeder number is Isis (i).

Other parts of the accretion are: Hebrew: Samekh, Tarot: Art, Pine tree, Gooseberry, Moths, Goldcrest, Potassium, Proline, Quadratic equations.