This transcript is of a conversation between the CEO’s Balthazar Schlep and Lis who has been experimenting with various sorcery techniques. We do not recommend emulating Lis’ experiments at home.

Lis is italicised to differentiate the voices.

CC is Carlos Castaneda. DJ is Don Juan. AP is Assemblage point (the energetic intensity that determines what reality will be experienced). IOB is inorganic being

Maybe the second attention thing works like an antenna attuned to stuff that might lead to more awareness, so maybe the unconscious, not necessarily the nagual as metaphysical character, taps into others’ calls for reasons who can know. I think along the lines of relationships between figures of thought, which are the accretions in a restricted mode. DJ would probably say it’s futile to try to think about stuff like this.

But I now feel that what DJ was truly meaning was, in fact, just to say it’s the moon and roll with it. Not because he thinks it’s the moon, but exactly because he’s not interested in playing with the relationships that former the reflexion of that interaction. But now I get why an Indian in Mexico would have to live like that, having to secure two different lines of life (Yaqui and businessman) he had to take a rune-like chant: anything goes. If he’s late to work because of some heavy hallucinogenic session the day prior, he is actually not late. He just says “eh, it was the moon”, brisks it off and is at work. Which seems like a specific to DJ magical pass (he had an affinity for the throat/tongue if I remember correctly). So yes, it’s all relative to perspective.

When I say it’s the moon accretion it’s not meant to be denigrating (you don’t sound offended I’m just being clear). I mean there is nothing but the moon accretion for the moon to be. There’s a vector region right. That changing light thjng in the night sky. The moon accretion in all its scientific occult detail is plugged into this vector. Now maybe bodies like the moon have consciousness that isn’t just egregore formation. Even if they do it will be altered by the human accretions. You did necessarily in a sense talk to the moon. The feeling is sufficient to guarantee that the accretion was tapped. The only caveat would be if it was possible to delineate between and actual moon consciousness and the accretion. I don’t really think you can do this though

Oh not at all (I mean not offended). I’m really just having a lot of fun and going with the vibe. You have to remember I was already c Oh not at all ( I mean I’m not offended). I’m really just having a lot of fun and going with the vibe. You have to remember I was already cracked on psychedelics long ago, I’ve seen stuff just as weird but never had racked on psychedelics long ago. I 100% agree that’s how it is (on the vector field). I even said so sometime prior, no? In a paragraph where I was rambling my experiences. That I started to understand it as fields of relationships and relations. That’s the concept of the reticular reflexion (I “become” the moon to the same extent that it becomes “me”, it’s a matter of perception altering itself to a minimally increased level of awareness (so in this case being that all this weird stuff converged into a moment where whatever force that could help me do what I needed helped me get to it). That’s was “this mission”. The fictionalization is very Laruelle but as we say, better.

Even if the moon has consciousness, it’s something on the level of a god (which she herself is to a lot of people). There’s no way anyone could fully tap into that as in fully become one with the moon. I understand that my word usage “a oneness” was misleading.

I’m not so arrogant to think something like that. I thought we were clear on the fictionalized aspect of the becoming. But yes, it’s indeed a vector region with fields and tensions. All shamanic encounters are themselves mediations, because the shaman is the seer. The mediation is done through the shaman’s body. Maybe, in a very accelerated state of mind, the inscriptions that won’t over my skin have something to do with the general development of tribal tattoos and the body modifications of some cultures. Giving there is a central shaman, which itself is a metaphysical character, one but taps into as in becomes the shaman’s avatar for that time as organic being, surely cultures would develop body modifications to approach the archetypal shaman-warrior and shaman-healer/diplomat.

One good thing to add before I forget is that the inscriptions were indeed symbols that seemed cohesive. I almost indulged in the moment and tried to crack them. But when I started to try, the symbols started shifting into eyes, not one the same. It didn’t feel bad, but like a protective cocoon — a temporary one.

They didn’t leave my body, though. They just became scarcer in visibility until disappearing. I felt like I could “purge” them out the other palm if necessary.

I don’t think you’re arrogant. Sorry I wasn’t trying to be didactic about the vector field thing. I think I write it over as it excites me to see and think it through in a concrete instance.

I know, you were just trying to ground me. I appreciate the concern. I mean, if I really had cracked for good it would be a nice way to ground me again.

An openness to recalibrate and consider everything, as magical as it may have been, “just that” is the key to balance the dangers I’d say. That’s why probably no one should try just doing this stuff without someone else helping along. The sorcerers take an apprentice and don’t let go of them for a reason.

New short report: family party yesterday, but only more of the younger generations (cousins, their pairs etc.). I think due to the quantity of people tight in a house after some time doing dark rooms and the occasional guidance with few friends, something changed. This lot of jumbled emotions and thoughts in a room and through corridors, going in and outdoors etc, put me in a really weirdly new state. I became like a separate person: two senses of perception, one the normal me making conversation with everyone, the other still normal me but one tasked with interacting directly with the affects swirling through. Like the eye thing, that each one becomes a different perspective instead of amassing all the information into one normalize vision.

It seemed, instead of a loss of lucidity, like there was more of it. It was just like I was being me normally while now able to feel the affects like a music. The cool part is that each thing hit me like a “unit” or package (quanta) of emotion, like intonations in a song, and it hit like chords of a harp or string instrument. So, in essence, it felt like reading the “hearts” of people, and, through the intention behind words and acts, not interpret but have instant access to what they’re trying to accomplish by saying something. Everything said, say a comment about a series that’s on the tv, was an analogy or metaphor to speak about interpersonal relationships. Usually to criticize someone to someone else without nobody noticing (with the theory of the unconscious, if striking at something true at all, attests to this infra-perceptive dimension that we are always communicating between ourselves unbeknownst to the ego).

So I noticed something: all interaction between the people there, even though using topics like music and film, careers and hobbies, were not in fact about any of those things, but only about the people inside the house, usually the people in the same room. Everything from outside is a means to an end, the end of conveying influence towards someone or something through acts of perfected subliminal manipulation. It did not feel shameful, but beautiful. Like the veil of humanity being superior in a metaphysical sense, or even rationally, completely fell off to a jungle of gibbering bonobos.

When I noticed this, and due to it I felt even better and more attuned to the party, I started trying to isolate certain tunes. From these tunes, I tried isolating the exact chord towards a certain person in order to reproduce back, reflect to them, that single tonality of a chord continually. It seems to correlate (phenomenologically) in a less than scientifically acceptable way, that I catalysed the leaving of a couple of people trying to cause confusion and, and that’s ridiculous I know, a type of spontaneous orgasm on a sofa (a woman, just by herself).

If anything, if we speculate a correlation here, these chords and their tuning via these bursts of energy directly to other people’s specific chords seems like the filaments of light (although I don’t have enough power, as DJ would say, to just see them in their entire splendour).

The attitude of the people, also, goes well with the vector region/reticular reflexion: concepts and notions in language games. As Wittgenstein said, if I remember correctly, that if someone could really see all the intricacies of his face (I presume to an atomic level, or sub) then he himself would be being read like a book. Not only language in a restricted sense, but our own accretions (concepts, notions) are constructs that serve functions. Yet they’re machinic because they exist outside us. They are real but we fabricate little linguistic machines out of them, using them as pieces to a temporary message that serves a purpose, an end. After the fact, if the intent is conveyed or not, the little parts that are the accretions go out of the vector region and disassemble back.

This last analogy makes any sense at all with how the accretive system was “opened” through the zones research? How you’ve been saying that the reticulum may be the solution to the problem. Sorcery is indeed all about physiological changes (if this is correct) and how these changes open pathways to new ones via an expanded/altered form of perception.

And veritably has ties (if not being it entirely) with an ethics of ethics. A meta-ethics (since it essentially is the process of changing the ethics of a body — a body of people, a bloodline). Both organized religion and science (arguably almost a religion of the new paradigm), and philosophy itself in its classical understanding, and really any social institution, has its common root in sorcery as a practice ulterior to we as humans. A process of which nature uses to regulate itself, with animals as part of it (and seemingly more attuned to nature in the first place, to a society with institutions, because of their radically different institutions). The reverberates the shaman’s lemma that all modes of being have a human spirit, making humanity not the Homo sapiens, but what makes the Homo sapiens capable of developing norms to accrete institutions to shape its own development in the first place.

So the appearance of there being a nature at all is a condition of being human (as in partaking in sorcery), which grounds a transcendental reality as the sphere of influence their concepts are operative (functional) for the creation (poiesis) of their institutional bodies and the field of vector regions that intersect them like the skeleton of a body always in formation.

Sorcery is, in this case, the useless name for a version of Heraclitus’ flux on steroids. Everyone that has a nature and is compositive of a kind partakes in it at many levels of existence simultaneously (daily life, molecular life, atomic life, subatomic, etc.). It is a transcendental condition for the sense of transcendentality to be derived from in the first place. The sorcerer, then, is not different to anyone in kind but in degree. The degree of freedom/perception/awareness of all these existential thresholds makes one a weak or powerful sorcerer. Impeccability is the lemma because anyone who affirms to be a sorcerer, is one. There are no restrictions of participation because it’s not an institution but the fountain from which they spring like artifacts. Inorganic beings are merely the name expressive of any existence that has more energetic conditions for awareness than whatever remains with a nature and kind. They are inorganic due to this fact, and in fact are entirely synthetic beings (instead of synthetic organisms, which only organic beings fabricate as a means of simulating the energetic output of the synthetic beings/inorganic beings).

Ghostly invisibility is a matter of the ghost’s excess of visibility. Of an opacity beyond that of rocks, the specter is all too visible for the eye so accustomed to the light that it thinks the dark its opposite. The ghost is both-ways excluded from the field of vision for being too alien for the untrained and because, once seen, it is deemed too scary to be permitted in the view. The uneducated will try to exorcise demons and the dead, thinking them the same, when it is common sense that only living things require this kind of measure.

Following our publication of Parasol: Zones and the current investment in curating and editing Parasol 6 (with a focus on the works of Carlos Castaneda and Shamanism), we are now officially opening a call for submissions for our 7th issue “Parasol: Ghosts”.

This issue will be entirely curated and edited by the AF Collective (and invited honorary members, at the journal’s discretion). It will continue to experiment with form and variations on the title theme, but now with an added political investment, making this the first volume of the journal to tackle heavy-handed issues head-on, a first experiment of an experimental journal focusing on experimental writing. As long as it stays pertinent to the aesthetics of the CEO, which involve an intrinsic investment in plutonically-charged works capable of changing the very fabric of said aesthetics without entirely disintegrating it in the process, we are open to it and, hopefully, itching to be opened even more by it. Under the Collective’s direction particularly, we expect to be taken less as a platform and more as a terminal relay. Keep that in mind if “messy” and “collaborative” and “symbiosis” and “reciprocal interchange” are not keywords that activate a deep-rooted interest that drives your writing. And if joining a collective is not something of interest, you are already of the AF.

We are starting from a point of shared interest in decolonial theory and practices, as well as seeking to incorporate a more graphic aspect to the journal (artworks and hybrid pieces welcomed, as well as music if it can be integrated without overall loss of quality and cohesion). But not only do we welcome challenges to this initial interest as we also seek to provoke dissenting voices, so, for example, if you think decolonial theory focusing on ghosts is dumb, prove it to us, we challenge you. We ache to lose, just once, please pin us down and explain what ghosts are or are not, but do it following an Idea of Evil. Put your dead people inside our hollow receptacles, send us your lost ones and psychotic limit experiences that insist on becoming specters, send us your late gradma and let’s haunt others together. Teach us what they whisper to you and we are sure to make it turn to sorcery together.

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A brief and unpretentious dive into the Castañeda/Lynch connection through the show Twin Peaks and the book The Eagle’s Gift (the last one before Carlitos’ descent/capture). The key non-thesis of the speculation thus: David Lynch, finding himself in a similar condition as Carlos Castañeda, fighting assimilation of his vision by Hollywood, produced, more specifically with The Return, a critique of the descent in-itself, sketching a diagram of his own escape (which Carlos himself failed to perform). If Lynch ever read Castañeda is beyond the point. Here are fragments of conversations held at the CEO.

I wonder if we could think of Judy (Jowday), that is represented by the beloved “Owl Peaks” symbol as the dark side/counterpart of the Eagle (or really just the nightly aspect of the Eagle, for what is an owl if not an eagle one sees at night). If we assume Jowday is a manifestation tied to the Black Lodge, it seems to be the case. Even more because, in this book particularly, and its transition to the next, Carlitos fails (like our beloved agent Cooper) and is captured (as is expressed in the mythos of his own cult always torn and in constant war from within).

“We are luminous beings, we are better than that”, the motto La Gorda keeps repeating to Carlitos each time he starts worrying or wimping too much, the one thing she supposedly kept on repeating as she tried to “save” Carlitos from the jaws of the jaguar, fits very well with the White Lodge’s ‘residents’ true face:

Or at least Laura’s (since she is luminescence and good herself)

Laura truly is the Twin Peaks equivalent of the infamous Nagual woman: a prodigious, luminous being that got snatched too early in her life and exhausted her potential by the suffering her captors imposed on her, into and onto, for the very teleological motif that is the production of garmonbozia. And they did it all, the Black Lodge’s rogues, to feed on this secreted creamed corn. It sounds too much like the story of the beautiful forgotten Nagual woman. By the end of Twin Peaks (The Return), everything in one timeline is corrected and Laura’s corpse even disappears as if either she never existed there or was saved (I think she was erased from that timeline and jumped, only unwillingly via Coop — who thought he was doing good by that, when in fact he was only reviving her death and so prolonging her suffering, pain and sorrow, much like Carlitos and Carol Tiggs joining the cult). If more pain and sorrow, that is, garmonbozia, is the result of Coop’s failure to fix his heart, and said creamed corn comes from a continually doubled Laura, doesn’t this mean he is worse than BOB? Upgraded BOB, in fact, that feed us the garmonbozia while reciprocally being fed by our need to hear that lovely scream.

The Nagual/TonalRight/Left side quadratic polarity is also very reminiscent, to me, of Coop’s multi-self:

BOB-Coop (or Doppelganger, The Lovers Reverse and The Magician Reverse),

Homo hermaphroditus masculinus, failed

Dougie Jones (or Tulpa, The Lovers Upright and The Fool sideways),

The golden ball, the core of the tulpa, expands until finally disappearing from the screen. The true shape of humans according to Don Juan. This one is artificial, however, a golem, and upon expansion to determine the totality of oneself, it vanishes and the tulpa ceases.

‘Original’ Coop (or The Fool Upright and The Magician Upright),

The Fool’s Magic Trick

the guy Coop snatches the body by the end (or The Fool Reverse and The Hanged Man Reverse).

Relationship with Carlos Castañeda (or Carlitos, for the “fictional” character), following the diagram of the Seer:

Courtesy of Ken Eagle Feather

Tulpa/Dougie: fake double, Carlitos’ right side that forgot his Naguality.

Trapped in the Sphere of Direct Knowledge, devoid of access to the Sphere of Self-reflective Worlds.

BOB-Coop/Doppelganger: fake nagual, Coop’s and Carlitos’ snatched left side that does not remember but that still subsists due to power-momentum (Bad-Coop managed to contain BOB, still inside him, for 25 years). Its destruction is the rejoining of the left and right sides and Coop/Carlitos put back together.

Trapped in the Sphere of Self-reflective Worlds (like BOB), devoid of access to the Sphere of Direct Knowledge.

Original Coop: the Tonal, Carlitos before the split performed by Don Juan and Don Genaro.

Composed by and composing of the gra-tree-like structure, the hero’s journey proper is the dissolution of this harmony via the scission/split between spheres, resulting in the Doppelganger effect where communication is made difficult and an antagonist projected/manifested.

‘Spirit’ Coop/Coop of the end/Coop snatching the body of the guy at the end: Coop failed to remember and rejoin what was split properly, just as Carlitos, and his Naguality then, instead of entering the third world like his masters, jumped back into the island of the Tonal to snatch the body of another person (by invading another’s dream, other TV show). He indulged to the very end and became like BOB, a vampiric specter, only by the end we got to finally see the world from BOB’s perspective, or an upgraded version of a rogue of the Grey Lodge, the in-between that is the failure of proper conjunction. We are invading the automaton carcass that is “Cooper” in the same way he is invading people from another dream, supposedly our dream. It is, instead of a mutualistic symbiosis, a reciprocal parasitism (where the audience may find some enjoyment in the confusion, and Coop find some purpose in continuity as we feed him energy to continue his task of failing to do the good he wants).

Lost in the Third Field of the Unknowable (3), and in fact the avatar for such. He finally did it, but failed in doing it properly.

If Lynch would comment on the later activities of CC, I think he would say something along these lines, that he “didn’t fix his heart — but he did not die either”.

The house of the spirit (Cooper), now as pure electricity, the synthetic fire that walks as you. Cooper achieved immortality in the perpetual act of drifting at the speed of light without control. A proper cosmic neuron, which is sadly not a person anymore. Not even a character now, he is the stuff of dreams, a symbol. He opened Pandora’s box from the inside and became hope. Our hope.

But there are things worse than dying, as the Naguals would say.

25 years on and Laura is still (back?) inside her mother, in the worst way

Carlitos Cooper continues to refuse to die, like the fabled Hope of the myth, their leftover residue just symbols now. The dreamer vs. dream debate is over, nobody is the dreamer, there is only nightmare.


Final shot of the series, before the lights go out.

Recent considerations have moved my theorising away from outright human contingent paranormality –conceptuality as active substance– to a possibility that includes human accretive forces as only one element in the sea of what we call anomalous phenomena. Currently being played with is a ‘reticular ontology’, that is, a conception of everything as and endless series of lines or fibres. This is appropriated from reported occult conceptions of reality in this wise (e.g. the web of wyrd, Castaneda) in conjunction with Deleuze and Guattari’s notion of a line of flight.

Perception of the reticulum is supposed to be the closest one can have to seeing existence as it is in itself (note we do not say this is the case, we merely engage with the concept). It is also sometimes called ‘seeing energy’.

Now a feature of the reticulum is that once perceived, the separation of the perceiving being from the externality is considerably challenged. The lines can be clearly seen to extend straight from the being into the ‘outside’. There is a kind of boundary in so far as the being of awareness is a kind of node, yet the connectivity to the whole is immediately present. Furthermore the lines cannot be considered purely to exist in the regular spatial coordinates available to us; the lines bypass temporality as we know it and dimensionality.

A reticular ontology is essentially panpsychic insofar as all the lines are formed of awareness in a sense. Access to the reticulum is access to greater awareness -all psychic type events can be considered momentary reticular access. The reticulum as a whole is entirely self-aware. This is a postulate.

The formation of nodes (beings like ourselves) has an interesting consequence from this perspective. The more nodes develop there own internal awareness the more they believe they are capable of grasping what is going on. Unfortunately for the nodes, the more the awareness becomes centralised in the node, the less it actually accesses the reticulum. This then is the formula of the inverse increase in awareness in relation to the development of the node:

The greater awareness in the node, the less awareness of connectivity to the reticulum.

This means almost the opposite of Hegel’s PoS is true. The development of conscious is a retrograde step, worse still is self-consciousness, increasing narrowment of reticular awareness continues to occur until the crowning glory of this occurs -the state.

This tragedy also seems to entail a strong kind of unpleasant Kantianism. The more developed we become in investigating things with our own developed tools (maths, science) the less access we actually will have to the thing in itself. Of course Kant bars access to the thing in itself anyway, however the reticular as possible perception not only places the thing in itself partially within reach, it also means human rational attempts to fathom it necessarily get further from it. Consequentially all ‘lower species’ as we think of them have an increased reticular access, with this increasing further as one ends up in the inorganic.

Please don’t misunderstand. This is not an anti-scientific stance. Even if the node/reticular concept is accurate we generally do not live perceiving the reticulum and science has been of tremendous value to us. This occurrence of delving further and further away from perceptual access to something like the in-itself cannot necessarily be seen as worse than reticular access. Our investigations in this relatively solid seeming reality function well so the withdrawal from the reticular possibility can also be seen as highly epistemically satisfying.

This leads us to a second point about such an ontology. When we say that perceiving the reticulum is the actual connection to the ‘outside’, we consider it as a totally time/space transcendent perspective in which anything can be known (though equally there must be caution here, accounts like Monroe’s would suggest that even reticular access has many layers to it). It is minimally a totally superior epistemic state to regular human capacity. So it is easy to consider regular human perception as subtractive in its relation to reality. Even without the reticulum and simply with regard to our scientific understanding there is much we cannot see/hear/detect etc. We subtract from reality and our perception of the world is what we get.

Two points complicate this picture. The reticular ontology is totally compatible with human formed conceptual accretions which we literally layer over the regions of the outside. In the reticulum these are perceivable as emanating lines to nodes (accretions are different kinds of nodes) whereas from regular perception we often confuse concept and object.

This means we not only subtract, but that we add. We add pneuma to the externality and it stays there in the reticulum. However this actual state of confusion of regular perception -in which the connecting lines are not visible is also different from reticular perception, which for all its superior access is subtractive of the human state of perception. So our reality is additive and subtractive

Secondly then, this is why we couch reticular access as only the closest thing to seeing things as they are, for whilst it does show the accretions stuck to the vectors, it does not and cannot show the actual confusion of the nodally perceived reality state itself.

That is, even reticular access itself is subtractive.

With thanks to Emanuel Magno for the reticular word and ongoing discussions on this topic.

A reticulum is a network of fine lines. Reticular ontology describes reality in terms of these lines. The reticulum can be said to account for all relations between all phenomena both in reified object (molar) modes and relational-becoming (molecular) modes.

Reticular ontology unambiguously accepts the potential reality of all phenomena generally labelled paranormal/anomalous/spiritual. This does not mean there are not seemingly ‘strange’ phenomena explainable within an already comprehended band of reality, however it does mean that all potential realms that might account for extreme anomaly are accepted as existent.

As such common human perception only perceives the reticulum through a small lens -though is of course formed also by incredibly restricted access to the reticulum at large. The narrow region of the reticulum enables stable structures but also facilitates apparently strange alterations by their connections. The strangeness of the alterations is only only perceived as ‘strange’ by our inability to perceive the reticular flow in all its complexity.

The previously much discussed pneuma and its accretions are also reflected in the actions of the reticuli. Pneuma was put forward as a substantialised concept substance capable (under certain circumstances) of making alterations to the more generally recalcitrant ‘umbra’ that hides beneath. Pneuma now becomes an aspect of the reticulum that occurs in structures more like knots than accretions.

The fibres of the reticulum connect all things together and they are all things together -accepting that individuation is not necessarily part of the reticulum itself. Paranormality and associated phenomena are simply the actions of lines that connect across in ways we cannot perceive as cogent. To return to synchronicity, when we wonder what the connection between the dream and the event is, we can now understand that reticular lines quite literally connect the two.

Humans as reticular bundles move amongst the network (reticulum). However one must not conceive of the reticulum of consisting of simply one reality of this kind, it must be conceived as multiverse but not in a passive sense. Reticular engagement of what may seem to be relatively banal kinds can easily result in a shift to an alternate reality directly connected by a particular reticular flow. This kind of shift can be likened to a convergent tectonic plate shift, in which the plate appears to be heading one direction but then travels downwards. Factors previously understood as pneuminous accretions (conceptual entities) may be responsible for such shifts though such shifts may simply be flows in the reticulum of a movement more akin to the movement of the wind (when considered as an impersonal force).

As such existence is constantly formed of reticular band convergent slides and incursions from other differing angled flows that may form knots within a given band. A fluid experience from stability to ambiguous half-paranormal experiences (luck) through to attention grabbing anomaly is the result of the reticular interactions.