Pneuminous Accretive Theory Overview

OBOA (Organic being of awareness) PA (Pneuminous Accretion)

Let’s be clear as we can be. The binding of pneuma into accretions is the overcoding of strata only insofar as the strata are already coded. Deleuze and Guattari seem comfortable with the pre-existence of the material strata as comfortably existing in its own right. PA theory is less so because it accepts no neutral scientific classification as non-pneuminous. Everything is part of the network of overlapping PAs. The physical strata and everything we understand it is a complex mesh of PAs. This is not identical to a thorough going Kantian denial of access to the in itself as such, for OBOA exists in a kind of membrane by which it incoherently delimits itself and the outside. This membrane is exists both as a vector field region with an attached PA and as a pure PA which is formed by the OBOA producing the PA of its own limit.

The OBOA then (the human in this case) binds pneuma which is incoherently external to it -though it is also formed of pneuma (see (ii)). It can be pointed out that the non-pneuminous stratification of the physical must be there in some sense. However precisely because the target is the paranormal event, these strata cannot be pre-given as such. The allowance of the understanding of the physical strata as identical to the physical strata science and continuous perception/understanding of the world would automatically preclude the radical reality shift possibility of pneuminous interference (at least in one model of pneuminous interaction).

So are the physical strata coded in themselves? Since they manifest in the vector field as differing regions, we may assume that umbratic existence is heterogenous. However we may not assume this heterogeneity is identical to its manifestation in the vector field —since each BOA will produce a vector field of a differing type relative to its perceptual system, size, etc. We are then allowed to treat the physical strata as coded in themselves (with the above caveat) hence the PAs we attach to these strata-regions are overcodings. These overcodings as PAs are ontologically constraining on the strata.

This is the magickal feedback of normal reality. Through use, a relation to a vector field region is formed, this is a PA layer but not of great strength. The PA forms more solidly when the PAs of the perceptual features and function common to the various ways in which it appears, accrete to form a kind of archetype of the of the thing (a contingent Platonic form). This archetype is a functional magickal PA, except of course its purpose is in no way to contradict the vector region onto which it is imprinted. Its purpose is to be that thing. Hence since the vector region is only ‘that thing’ by virtue of the PA inhabiting it and pneuma is a force, the PA constrains the vector region to be more like the archetype than it would otherwise be.

Pneuma though is not outside the strata, it is also a stratum, its difference lies in where it lies. For pneuma lies on a plane not conceivable by regular human consciousness. We can easily repeat phrases like non-spatio-temporal and this ease of repetition somewhat inures us to their actual meaning. Pneuma is a stratum that can be considered separate from the umbratic —a well of infinite strata.

When accreted and subject to certain intensities (relations to OBOAs) pneuma warps umbratic structures. The content/expression structure of a PA means its content substance plugs into the umbratic via the vector field. Whereas its form of expression concerns its use-relation to the OBOAs and its appearance (the aspects that form the archetypal PA). Thus an intensity (a strong affective event) at the OBOA level can cause pneuminous pressure to be directed into the umbratic bringing about what the OBOA experiences as the anomalous event.

It came out in the investigation that the history of Sod Martin’s personal control of the Martin Sod farm after it was passed down to him, needed—phew—to be exposed, because, it was claimed by an in-law of the recently deceased Theodore T. Gainy, that the level of care with which Sod would run the business was influenced by Gainy, and, as a matter of fact, were it not for Ted Gainy, Sod may have sold the whole thing off after he inherited it because, he felt—it was not the business for him. As a matter of fact, it’s always been no secret that the young Sod was also very embarrassed by his unusual first name, which his parents were forced to give him by his grandfather, founder of the business. When Sod looked over the state of the farm upon taking over, with his mental state re his name as it was—to him, the Sod business seemed no good. It was primitive, and the work required to keep it going was to his young face overwhelming, so; he nearly sold off the whole thing—to be followed by swiftly changing his silly first name—to some pasty land rover, in favor of faking a hot’d career in creative scenerioting, which he’d got half-hipnoteized into thinking he loved it, by the school gang he was thriving o’er the dole of it from, several of the young shapliesnesses whomsides involved there, b-b-b-ut; ‘bout this time—is when he met Ted Gainy.  

Gainy’d closely flowed after the next future of the Martin Sod farm as he’d been previously and independently enthralled by a story he’d ‘ntered of a family in the pasifistic Nord-West, that ran an acres over more acres of a stupidly huge sod farm. The amount of money they claimed to rake daily yearly or monthly, well, yes; of course he knew the difference if you get a dollar a day versus dollar a year and/or the backfigured segmentations of a dollar a’ every segment of time’d twinned-intween—hoot—he got to Sod and told him the giant money that ‘gether they could grow up into and to Sod, well, wow ‘ow wo’—wow! The future amounts seemed to Sod nearly cosmetic in their earsplitting super-hugealities, so—he split the band widths waves metrically measure segments of that also, so—-o, and, with Gainy on the money side, he embraced the business, but. The whole thing as he saw at first was top-primitive shackelie, like but for the actual grass of the sod, which, is still pretty much the same God’s grass whether greened on a bumbleshacked ramblydowned stinker of a farm, or, a Taj Princess’ Mahalian looking peter’s God of a holy beautiful priceless—which word got defined to Sod in the sideroom off a Roman Catholicked holily cleansed daily meditation and once in a while a prayer space—the grass’ the same all same the all the same yes the the grass’ all the same. 


So! As Ted Gainy all told him, they’d chomp indie spike, up-pup! Geggsactley. Bu’ buh butt he cayme dunder t’ eart’ aall bumpy just knowing how much work thought and sweat it would take to perform an entire u’spruce spanning all acres of buildings land machinery rock-steadies and other required—goouse. But, Gainy said, Yup. Said—yup, yeh. 

In unison they said, Yup! 

They palled immediately how and why’s ‘not portent for this particular narrative to be believable sustained, but. Ted Gainy ‘stinctively snatched up the business side ‘n they got to work all teamie, first; Gainy preached first, Image is important, Sod. They will not buy Sod from a bedraggled starvational skinny-butt soul standing in a drizzle at the curb holding up a ripped off box top saying SOD FOR SALE in sloppy invisibly thin blunt number three pencil yo bonk ya gashta-be compupadded neat nice combed deodorized and properly medicined-up man ditch those cornstalks vintage transparently seated trousers be a firelippe’d roostercock of a sales generating buzz-man, trash those handydarned stockings, and, take it from me. I mean, gosti bang-slam-clash, uh; Sod, my man, you’re now running a farm with billions of plants planted; how, man; lessee time quick—ten blades of grass parrots per square centimeter signed contracts binding by law very binding one hundred thousand blades of grass per square meter many over centipede-meter funny funny one hundred trillion blades of grass, plus; total surface area of planet earth be yon quite Godlike number of 5.1 * 10^8 km2, Godlike qua Father qua qua Son qua qua qua Holy Ghost to some, Spirit to others qua qua depending on this and depending on that, see, My Son, this topic qua by no means be qu’ simply done deah’. Okay? 


Okay; then the firm name’s s’sential be snap crack und poppe—so what other lawnery oriented businesses s’name slam them trucksides big signs et loud-ads yelling as in this one case I dug, hear it; CORE AERATION FLIGHTPATH DEFINITION CERTIFIED CROPDUST NAVIGATION SPECIALISTS AND MOWERMEN. Then, t’nother actusentually hen woking a grassy smell of the custmummerian mind, with COMPLETE LAME CARE BROTHERS (LAME, LAWN—NO DIFFERENCE. WE DO IT ALL) n’ SUPER LAWNSEED ROTO-THROW HOMEOWNERS COMMUNE that kind makes ‘em leap Sod, trust ‘n fluncken ou’ of one lawnsmell cloud invotentation entering another passing fat strap of a BONNIE CHAINWOOD TREETOP SAWMEN the edge of the lot there no more saying GURDJIEFF AND SONS WAY-POTENT FERTILIZER DUMP AND THROW CORPORATION and RAISING THE CANE GARDEN and LARGE LOUD GARDEN TRACTORS and CHURN POWERSEEDERS and RAZE THAT SHED IMMEDIATELY MASS YARD CLEANUP and FENCE FIDO IN TODAY BECAUSE IT’S THE LAW LLC and CHEAP CRITTERS and BUNGEE THE PAL and WHOPPINGPUP RESCUE AND MANAGEMENT and READY MIX HEAVY SUBSTANCES and ELECTROPOWER WILDLIFE REGENERATORS PA and DOCTORS’ SLICE AND MASH WALK IN the walk winding out through the flat green lit crowdmob o’ seeming hayseedlike farmermen bump-knocked the door behind again, letting another large strawhatted coveralled farmer kind of guy but twice his size painfully flowing himself around the tiny gap of space remaining for movement in the booth saying this samething exactly; one packed mass of hayseed hatstraw crushed together in a mass of cheap landscaper-standard issue shirt cloth, et cetera, et cetera, studded here and there with veered-off nosetips bit back ear lobes pressed tight glaring eyes and just plain fleshspace giving quite painfully the last possible sentence able to be said from the highest boss reached through all iterations of the event, as yes yes yes dig that dog juice mama and I’ll throw you another hayseed hatstraw landscaper-standard issue shirt cloth since, and because but not to me mistcoustrutted that even the Earth is eternally falling sunward it’s a tightrope existing thank God f’ t’ Global Lawncare and Landscaping business I bet you didn’t know that eh—owner or past fired by any arm of the landscaping business, similar in stench to the Sod job we got,, think of it! Think of it, you landscaping magnate, you—the lot is not safe not HAMMERSTEIN PIANO WOOD RECYCLERS AND MULCHERS reading the trailersides passing you now BLOWER-RIPSOUNDING MOST HOLY ANNOYANCES CROP-ROARATION LLC my God get a name on you like that the work will pile in and smother us—we got to dodge quick, but, it will not overwrite your recall that when we BROUER’S BAND-AID COMPANY heard you hating this passage here, SUPERSTICKY FLYSHIT face, Yes no face, Sod, my man, her face both, no KILLING FIELDS TREE SURGEONS and MAKE IT LOUDER ALL-DEBRIS TWO-CYCLE LONGBLOWERS CLEAN KILL PEST-CIDER we love you CHAINSAW MASTERS faces and BLACKTOP DRIVEWAY CRAP-FILLER so SPIN THE BLADES OF YON MOWERHUBS; REPAIRMENT AND REPLACETION do I SCREAM PAST THE BACK FORTY ESCAPE SYSTEMS LLC SUPERMAN’S DEAD LONG LIVE SUPERMAN face no faces we faces GIRLBONNET FAIRYCRAFTERS no love faces their you faces no we do faces faces no faces back out NON-EVIL MULCHMASTERS NOT YOUR FATHER’S TOOTSMYNOODLE SYSTEMS RENTALS TUCK AND STOW ESQUIRE break BASTARD POLICEPERSON RENTALS NOT MY LEAK SORRYAGAIN SHINGLES AND SNAPPERS CORPORATION go Sod their DOWNPOURING GUTTERSLOPES AND BUCKETDRIPPING CHAIN SOLUTIONS faces contract CRUMBLEPUPPIES SERVICE STARS swinging THE TANGLEFOOT MAN-TRIBE light swinging CROSS THIS LINE I DARE YOU STICKYSTRIPPING CORPOR-NATION dark light dark now Chevrolet unlock’d by my own final FordTruck’s blast-bash, bosh, twenty nine point two percent of the planet is land. That means makes regard such a business in this may be profitable ‘cause; of this land about twenty percent is grass. This means the surface area of all grass areas combined is 5.1 * 10^8 km2 * 29.2% *20% = twenty-nine million km2. This amounts to. Blades = 10^11 blades of grass / km2 = 3*10^18 blades of grass. This is roughly four hundred eighteen million. Blades of grass per person. How to shack that how to shack that? Alive. So, what you think Sod? 

I—I don’t know. I mean— 

Come on, come on—what the heckle y’ jeck’ think Sod? We all know what we’re thinking. ‘cause we never leave our heads. Why did you lie so? 

Okay. The name should not change. MARTIN SOD FARM. There you go. Ping that bellrim, ah. MARTIN SOD FARM, ah. Sweet. Simple. And, it’s what everybody already knows. We got a banckle o’ Parkies in the fileboots ‘lready use us. Plus, if we change, it’ll cost a few hundred repainted ad-signs, and every file in our cabinets will require a time-consuming and utterly laborioius, Caligariational reboot. But, hey.  

But what? 

I am fired up, Sod said. Fired up, s-so—let’s go, Farouk. 

What’s that mean? 

Some king. Name of Farouk. Popped in. From back my head where school’s slow dissolving. F’om sum other place ya; got to learn the past of even though it will never touch you. 





Okay, Sod.  


ATP (A Thousand Plateaus) PA (Pneuminous Accretion)

Plateau 10 of ATP discusses various types of becoming. Of particular interest is the discussion becoming-animal and the way in which we can relate this to events. We are told there are three kinds of animal or rather three modes, for these are not types. There are oedipalized animals (pets), state animals of classification and myth and there are demonic animals of pack and affect. All animals are capable of being any of these; this is not a taxonomy.

Here we wish to use a similar schema upon events. We can apply the same triple structure to them. There are the oedipalized regular events of our daily lives, there are state events of the news, of (established) science, of history and there are anomalous demon events. The anomalous events do of course encompass the paranormal ones, though they also pertain to the anomalous aspects of science where its bleeding molecular edge exists. In one sense paranormal events and the anomalies of science are very similar. The difference is purely a matter of scale and acceptance. It is not even fair to say science does not wish to engage with paranormality, it certainly tries to test it rigorously, yet cannot do justice to its experiential dimension and either cannot detect (because it is correct and they are not ‘real’ or cannot yet find the means to detect what is going on in these phenomena). However, the anomalies of science are usually thought of as those unanswered questions, those papers of research at the periphery that suggest something may not be quite right, within a given accepted discipline (major science).

The demon events are those ones that befall us and can bring about the agnostic disjunctive state of reflection (see PA document) in which we literally cannot tell if we can ascribe anything anomalous to the experience or not. These too exist on a spectrum, from the mildest of knowing-who-is-going-to-call-because-you-were-just-thinking-about-them, to the full blown physical manifestation of otherworldly entities.

All events, like animals can be considered in packs, they are understood as some kind of event -they are coded and overcoded. Paranormal events have almost a meta-status in this regard, for the event is already a becoming. It is paradoxical, it is comprehended as an event and yet it is a purely ephemeral occurrence. The event is subjectified becoming. This means it accretes pneuma by its affective power.

The synchronicity (for example) is an event, it is a subjectified event which immediately accretes. It accretes pneuma as synchronicity. That is synchronicity itself is a PA formed by Jung. A named gathered the intensity, accreted other PAs into it, bound pneuma into this incoherent form. Whether we call it synchronicity or not, it’s nature is recognised throughout the world and history. The event that looks like some kind of interference, whether it be from our psychic selves, the gods, the spirits, UFOs. Is it always a demons event? Is it always anomalous? It is anomalous only in relation to the other assemblages. In the western pneuminous set up the synchronicity is anomalous and, as stated, it is meaningful only to the experiencer (it is subjectified).

The content and expression of the synchronicity can be shown thus:

Content Substance:                 The various PAs that the synchronicity is formed of.

Content Form:                         The web of relations that ties these PAs together that renders the synchronicity meaningful.

Expression Substance:            In the occurrence of the event, the elements of that event, the place, the time, the relevant coded things.

Expression Form:                    The experience as anomaly.

As anomalous the synchronicity is a demon event. It is at the edge of the pack of events. But what is the pack? The pack are all the regular events the support the smooth continuity of existence as solid, that reinforce God’s eye like perspectives. The demon event shows the edge of this understanding, yet because it exists at the level of event, it is already part of becoming —events are becomings. The demon event exists at the edge of events themselves, deterritorializing the continuous space of materiality and epiphenomenal conceptuality and reterritorializing it with the pneuminous conception of active conceptuality. The demon event is anomalous precisely because it breaks the rules of space and time and shows that there are connecting lines that cut across in directions we do not understand, and that, under some circumstances, these lines can restructure what appeared to be solid.

In becoming animal, any animal can display all three modes (Oedipal, State, Demonic), is this also true of any event? This is the case. It is simply the expression of the even that shifts. Any event can be taken as anomalous insofar the same structure is always there. The ineffable force of the umbratic lurks behind all events. Every PA is always the double of the vector field overlaying the umbratic. The demonic forces work continuously if one wishes to understand them this way —this is true of Oedipal or State events.

Demon events always belong to becoming. They always open the way for a new line. One may listen to the demon event and obey its suggestion. One may find the demon event opens the way to a new understanding. Of course demons can be deceptive and demon events are the most deceptive. The lines they open are what we have elsewhere called agnostic disjunctive. They may bring amazing new connections, ruin or nothing. Their umbratic nature (their mechanism) is entirely obscured and ranges in possibility from brute chance to the most strange and instantaneous arrangements of territory we can scarcely conceive of.

Please note, this post follows on from this post which in turn refers to this document on pneuminous accretive theory..


The next integration we need to achieve is the content/expression description of a being of awareness (BOA) as a PA (pneuminous accretion). We are trying to steer clear of making an identity of life and a BOA in order to account for BOAs that may not be considered alive. This does mean that the kind of classification will differ again between organic and (what Castaneda called) inorganic beings —to this we might also add beings that are physically deceased whose pneuminous structures persist (ghosts).

Organic beings of awareness (OBOAs) can be considered on a continuum in relation to their ability to manipulate pneuma into accretions. The manipulation of pneuma belongs to the form of expression. The substance of content is also conceivable on a similar spectrum, whilst the other two categories can be thought of as staying effectively the same (form of content and expression of substance) for any OBOA.

The two invariant structures of the OBOA are:

Content form:                          Underlying codes -genetic/electrical/unknown

Expression substance:             Cells, organs, bodies, nervous systems

As mentioned the form of expression can be heuristically be broken down into three stages of pneuminous manipulation.

  1. Performs an extremely simple manipulation of pneuma that scarcely accretes it. The organism shows some vector field differentiation insofar as it seeks an energy source and may respond to certain kinds of stimuli. Insofar as it encodes these stimuli and energy types it can be said to be forming various simple PAs.
  2. Has a complex relationship to its environment, differentiating between a wide array of stimuli (vector field regions). It seeks energy sources, shelter, safety (avoids threats), may indulge in leisure/play, can problem solve, experience emotion. It can communicate in a sign system with other OBOAs in 1 step communication -it can communicate a sign but not the sign of a sign. These things are possible because it has temporal encoding (memory) of a complex order. This means its ability to accrete pneuma is considerable. Many vector regions will receive small pneuminous accretions from such an OBOA. A process resembling subjectification may well occur, which will form a similar kind of emotionally imprinted PA (a feared predator, a safe hole e.g.). There will also be some formation of something resembling a free-floating PA owing to the 1 step communication, as this is still going to form some kind of PA thread at a physical distance from the vector.
  3. An extremely complicated catalogue of recognised stimuli (vector field regions). Seeks energy, shelter, safety. Can problem solve in a highly abstract manner, play, develop complex abstract play, produce complex culture, develop mathematical abstraction and apply it, has a complex emotional component. Can communicate multiple step communication -can communicate the sign of a sign and potentially more. Produces complicated communication/data storing systems. Can temporally encode vast amounts of complex information. This means its capacity to manipulate pneuma is huge and its ability to form PAs vast. A hugely complicated array of vector regions will be differentiated not simply on spatial fronts but also on abstract ones. Incredibly complex relations will form between these PAs in the way they various connect and overlap with each other in the dynamic constant alteration of the BOW. The vector regions to which the accretions are attached will shift as PA possibilities increase or decrease. On local levels many vector regions will receive strong subjective (as in subjectification) PA attachments complicating the picture further. In addition, this kind of OBOA also ascribes unique names to many kinds of vector regions, including other OBOAs. This imprints PAs into the OBOA regions which have complex feedback mechanisms.

This tripartite heuristic does not identify any specific biological entity range, but rather aims at delineating three places on a continuum of ability to manipulate pneuma. Having said this, the stage (iii) OBOA is clearly something like a human.

Since everything we experience is formed within human pneuminous structures, the OBOA is likewise. The OBOA is a PA but it is a PA whose vector region both takes the description of an OBOA and has some underlying structure that makes this possible (a nervous system, though nervous system of course is also a PA).

Similar lines can also be drawn out of an OBOA PA as extended from a non-aware PA. Because the pneuminous surface generates the idea of the beyond, this beyond (the umbratic -see document on PAs) either actually exists in some incomprehensible way or is near identical to the structure unearthed by the pneuminous interaction except for the double motion of subtraction and addition. The pneuminous grasp adds the accretive layer of pneuma to the vector region (which plugs into the umbratic) but in the grasping of necessarily only the partial, the pneuminous grasp is subtractive of the rest of the umbratic.

Thus since the OBOA is formed as a PA, this PA is attached to a vector region and thus to the umbratic. The OBOA then, as PA, is only partially grasped by itself and by other OBOAs. As such the OBOA itself has a tendency towards absolute mystery which is obscured when the PA is perceived as totally exhaustive of the vector region. This is not the idle epistemic mystery of OOO or something similar, this rather pertains to the paranormal possibility of absolute otherworldly interactions.

The OBOA also has the almost opposite direction of subjectification. The OBOA is constantly having accretive layers formed onto it, both by itself and by other OBOAs. These are the intensive attachments that it and the other OBOAs form about it. In the system of things (normal physical PAs) subjectification picks out one amongst potentially many and accretes pneuma to it (a memory, and attachment). In the case of OBOAs, all of them are subjectified by each other. Of course, not everyone is subjectifying everyone, but everyone is being subjectified by someone, even the lonely are often being subjectified exactly as lonely. Thus especially the OBOA type (iii) accretes many PAs.

In this way we can see the tripartite heuristic of the substance of content though we note that for all three the substance -of the content for type (iii) OBOAs must in some sense be that of the umbratic and also the vector field (which is formed of unaccreted (or unstratified) pneuma) since one bleeds seamlessly into the other.

  1. Reflects no PAs back upon itself. Constituted by PAs projected upon it either at the simple stimuli level or by investigation from type (iii) OBOAs e.g. doing science.
  2. Such an OBOA partially reflects accretions back onto itself to constitute a self (e.g. memory of its own image). Is mostly constituted by the PAs projected onto it by other OBOAs. Other OBOAs of a similar type (this does not mean biological genus) will form PAs of such OBOAs.
  3. OBOAs of this kind are constituted both by the PAs projected onto them and by the PAs that they project onto themselves. Thus the act of believing you are one kind of person and someone else believing you are another are both competing pneuminous forces exerting partial determinacy of yourself (PA of the self).

Thus the notion of subjectification applies most relevantly to the type (iii) OBOA. Subjectification in the case of things pertained to OBOAs having accreted pneuma to them under certain circumstances owing to affective encounters with relatively unaccreted PAs e.g. a rock is just a rock which is still a PA but its discovery on a beach by a child and transformation into a special rock, from that holiday, subjectifies the rock. In the case of OBOAs (iii) they subjectify each other intensively (by affect) constantly, variously hating, being attracted to, being made happy by, laughing with/at, considering stupid, considering wise, considering ugly, being that person who did that thing on that day etc. Some of these accretive layers are sustained by the PA of the self and some sustained by others.

This multiplicity of pneuminous interactions exerts a constant real (magickal) effect upon the OBOA causing it to adhere (albeit slightly) to the nature of the PA (see the writing on the double in the document on PA theory). This occurs because pneuma is a force that operates at an ontological level unlike regular physical forces as we understand them.